My device cannot detect the Wi-Fi network

Last Update date : 2017.12.13

If your device cannot detect any Wi-Fi networks, please follow the steps below:


Step 1: Restart your device. If the issue still persists, please proceed to the next step.


Step 2: Ensure that the Wi-Fi function has been enabled. Once Wi-Fi has been enabled, it will

show the network your device can connect to. If there is a network that the phone was previously

connected to, it will connect to that network by default. In case of multiple networks, the mobile

phone will prioritise the one with the stronger signal.

wifi on


Note: When Wi-Fi has been enabled, tap on Wi-Fi again to see the list of available networks;

then tap on the name of the network to connect.

wifi   list


Networks with a padlock icon are secured and require a password.

network lock


Networks without a padlock icon don’t require a password.

networks not locked


If the network doesn’t require a password, the mobile will then be connected to the Wi-Fi network.

wifi connected


If your mobile phone still does not detect any Wi-Fi network, proceed to next step.


Step 3: Tap Scan on the Wi-Fi page, and see if it will detect a Wi-Fi network.



If your device still cannot detect any Wi-Fi networks, please proceed to the next step.


Step 4: Upgrade the device software to the latest version. Once upgraded, ensure that Wi-Fi

has been enabled, then check to see if it detects a Wi-Fi network. If your device is still

unable to detect the Wi-Fi network, please proceed to the next step.

Note: Click here to learn how to upgrade the software of your phone.


Step 5: Conduct a Factory Data Reset on your device. Please take note to backup all your important

information prior to performing this step as it will bring your device back to factory default settings.


Step 6: Isolate the issue by bringing your phone to another location with a known Wi-Fi hotspot.

If your device still cannot see any Wi-Fi network, it may need to be checked further as it requires service.


Step 7: If you have performed the steps above, and if the issue persists,

please kindly contact Samsung for further assistance.

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