Advantages of Curved OLED TV

Last Update date : 2017.11.06

The Samsung OLED TV offers the following advantages:


●    It reproduces stunningly bright images and colours that are richer than previous LED TVs.


●    Richer colours allow Samsung OLED TV to create truly lifelike images.


●    Samsung OLED TV’s self-emitting individual pixels express pure blacks and pure whites. This makes pictures brighter, clearer and more vivid than previous Samsung LED TVs, boasting a sharper contrast ratio.


●    With ultrafast response time, Samsung OLED TV displays smooth and clear pictures even in the fastest moving scenes. Motion clarity is better than previous Samsung LED TVs.


●    OLED screens are thin. As no backlight is needed for an OLED screen, the entire display panel can be thinner than previous Samsung LEDs.


●    OLED screens are flexible, so it can be curved for the lifelike immersive viewing experiences. Its flexible substrates could open the door to a new type of displays such as roll-up displays.


●   The wide Field of View that comes from the ergonomically curved screen gives an image maximization effect. The perceived screen can appear larger than the actual screen.


●    OLED TV provides comfortable viewing from the curved screen, as it comfortably fits the human eye.


●    Multi View creates two TVs in one using Multi View glasses. Two people can watch two different pictures and listen to two different sounds, all in one TV. This works in exceptional quality for both 2D and 3D.



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