How to access BD-Live content on the Blu-ray player

Last Update date : 2017.10.19

Using the BD-Live Disc, follow these steps to access BD-Live content on the Blu-ray player:


Step 1:  Connect to the network and check the network set up by going to Menu → Setup → Network Setup → BD-LIVE Internet Connection.


Step 2:   Make sure that you have selected either Allow (All) or Allow (Valid Only).


●  Allow (All): Full internet connection allowed for all BD-LIVE content 
●  Allow (Valid Only): Only contents containing a valid certificate will be accessible 
●  Prohibit: Internet connection prohibited for all BD-LIVE content


Step 3:  Connect the USB flash drive to the Blu-ray player for storing downloaded content.


Note: Please be advised to use a USB device that has at least 1GB of memory, supports USB 2.0 protocol, FAT32 format and 4MB or more read/write speed.


Step 4:  Set up the USB flash drive as the default storage device by going to Menu → Setup → System Setup → Persistent Storage Management → External Flash Memory. Press the green [B] button to set the USB device as the default storage.


Step 5:  Insert a Blu-ray disc that supports BD-Live.


Step 6:  Select the contents on the disc to download to enjoy the BD-Live content.


Note: The way you use BD-Live and the features may differ, depending on the disc.

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