I want to record TV Broadcastings using my Blu-ray player

Last Update date : 2017.10.23

You can record TV Broadcastings using a Blu-ray Player by following the steps given below:

Recording the current TV channel being viewed:

Step 1: Press the PROG or number buttons to select a TV Channel to be recorded.

Step 2: Press the REC button.

Step 3: If you want to adjust length of the recording, press the .  Enter button.

Step 4: Select the desired length of the recording, then press the .  Enter button.


Step 5: To pause recording, press the REC PAUSE button to pause a recording in progress.


Step 6: Press the REC button to resume recording.

Step 7: To stop a recording in progress, press the .  button.


Playback control during recording:

While recording a TV channel, you can search scene or move to the beginning point of recording without affecting the whole process of recording through Timeshift function.

. buttons: Search the desired scene. Each time this button is pressed, playback speed will change.


●  . button: Return to the beginning point of recording.

●  . button: Jump to the same scene with Live TV.

●  . button: Jump to - 10 sec from current position.

●  . button: Pause the scene while keeping recording progress.

●  . button: If you are watching the past scene, the playback point will jump to the same scene with Live TV. If you are watching same scene with Live TV, recording will be stopped.


Watching other channels during Recording a TV channel

   While a TV programme is being recorded, you can also watch TV channels. During the recording, press the PROG or number buttons to change the channel you want to watch.


●  Recorded files of less than 10 seconds are not saved.



Simultaneous recording of Two TV channels:

Step 1: While a TV channel is being recorded, move to other TV channel that you want to record.

Step 2: Press the REC Button to start recording.


●    Recording two different paid channels at the same time is not supported.

●    If you want to enjoy simultaneous recording of two TV channels, you need to connect satellite RF cables to ANT1 IN and ANT2 IN. (For F8909S, F8509S model).

●    Even if you connect two video/camera cables [CI(+) CAM] to CAM slot], you can not view or record two paid channels. (For F8909S, F8509S model)



Watching different TV channels that is not under recording:
You can watch yet another channel while recording two TV channels at the same time.

Step 1: Press the CH LIST button to check which TV channel is possible to watch. Blue coloured TV Channel in Channel List is what you can move without stopping the recordings already started.


Step 2: Press the .  Enter button to watch the possible TV Channel. To watch a channel that is not displayed in Blue, you need to stop at least one of currently recording.


To stop recording:
If you are watching a TV channel which is either under or not under recording, press the .  button.


Simultaneous Operation:
You can play a disc or enjoy other function during recording. Press the Home button, and then select Apps or AllShare function. But, you can not select the Settings Menu unless you stop the recording.

Timeshift function:
You can pause a Live TV or start watching the TV programme from the beginning point you started Timeshift function.

Start Timeshift with Play button:

Step 1: When you are watching a TV channel, press the .  button.

Step 2: The Timeshift function starts and the Timeshift bar will appear. Live TV is displayed on the left side of Timeshift bar.


Start Timeshift with Pause button:

Step 1: When you are watching a TV channel, press the .  button.

Step 2: The image of TV programme will be paused, and then Timeshift bar will appear. .  (Pause) is displayed on the left side of Timeshift bar.


Timeshift information:
You can see current information about the Timeshift function.


Step 1: Press the .  button on your remote control while Timeshift function is enabled.

Step 2: Timeshift bar will appear.



●    The Timeshift settings are sustained even when you switch to another channel in Timeshift operation. In this case, Timeshift of former channel is supported as history function.


●    If Timeshift is started with Play or Pause key, the function is sustained until the Stop button is pressed. In case when the Timeshift operation becomes not available (such as switching to another application, an analogue channel or changing the input source), Timeshift stops without a notification and will resume automatically as soon as the source is switched to Digital TV.




●  The History function supports only for records of switching within channels of Digital TV source.


●   If switched to an analogue channel, history and Timeshift will stop functioning automatically.


●   Timeshift automatically stops when selected another menu in the Home Menu. (Stops Timeshift and history functions that were operating).


●    Returning to a Digital TV channel will automatically resumes Timeshift, if not accessed any other menu item of the Home Menu.


●    For Timeshift function, 22 GB of the internal HDD is reserved.


To stop Timeshift:


Step 1:  If Timeshift bar is not in pause or past mode, press .  button. The message "Do you want to stop Timeshift?" will appear.


Step 2:  Select Ok button and press .  button to stop Timeshift.


Step 3:  If the Timeshift bar is in pause or past mode, Timeshift mode will be changed into Live TV when you press .  button first time.


Step 4:  Press .  button again, then same message with above image appears.


Step 5:  Select Yes, and then press the .  button.

Notes:  The steps above are applicable to the following models: 

●  BD-F8900 
●  BD-F8500M 
●  BD-F8900M 
●  BD-F8900N 
●  BD-F8500 
●  BD-F8900A 
●  BD-F8509 
●  BD-F8909S 
●  BD-F6900 
●  BD-F6909S 
●  Other year models might have slight variations on the menu system, but essentially the method is the same.


To schedule a recording (for BD-F8 series)  follow the steps below:


Step 1: On the remote control, press Guide. Select the program to record and press Enter. 





Step 2: Select Schedule Recording and press Enter.





Step 3: Select the type of recording and press Enter.





Step 4: Schedule Recording will then be completed. Press Exit to clos the guide.





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