Smart TV: Game Mode

Last Update date : 2017.11.27

 Game Mode  


Game Mode is available on all current Samsung TVs. When you set a video source (input) to Game Mode, the TV electronically bypasses two of the video signal processors in the TV, subsequently cutting down the amount of time the TV needs to process the video input from the game. You may notice a slight difference in the picture but after you enable Game Mode there should be a reduction of any lag between the game system and the TV.


Press the following options on your remote control in order to enable Game Mode: On your remote control press the Menu button → Picture select Special Viewing Mode → select Game Mode. (The steps are applicable to Samsung K series TV, for other models this option may be located elsewhere).

NOTE: Depending on the TV, Game Mode might not be available for all input sources. An example of this is if you have an HL-S5078, 5678, 6178, or 7178, Game mode is available for AV1, AV2, AV3, S-Video1, S-Video2, S-Video3, Component1 and Component2, but not HDMI or DVI.


To find out which sources Game Mode is available for on the TV, refer to the User’s Manual. Look for a section titled Using Game Mode. If you set the TV to a source for which Game Mode is not available, Game Mode will be grayed-out on the TV’s menu and inaccessible.

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