What is Screen Mirroring?

Last Update date : 2017.06.15

The Screen Mirroring feature lets you wirelessly beam your photos, videos, presentations, or even your video games to your big screen. You can connect to any HDTV using the AllShare Cast Wireless Hub for TV models earlier than 2013 (F Series), or you can connect directly to a supported Samsung Smart TV (newer models).


A Smart TV is an Internet-enabled TV set that supports movie streaming from various content providers. Also called a "connected TV," a Smart TV may contain a browser for general web surfing and also be able to execute built-in or downloaded applications.


screen mirroring 


Please Note:

● The availability of this feature depends on the region or service provider
Miracast-enabled devices that do not support High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP 2.X) may not

   be compatible with this feature
Some files may buffer during playback, and may disconnect depending on the network connection/range
To save energy, deactivate this feature when not in use
If you specified a Wi-Fi frequency, AllShare Cast dongles or HomeSync may not be discovered or connected
If you play videos or games on a TV, select an appropriate TV mode to get the best experience



Before using this feature, please do the following


Ensure that the screen mirroring-enabled device (i.e. HomeSync, AllShare Cast dongle and Wi-Fi Miracast devices) is connected to the TV via HDMI cable

Ensure that the TV is turned on


To set up Screen Mirroring, follow the instructions below:



For Smart TVs released with Screen Mirroring function (2013 models up)


Follow the steps below to prepare the TV for Screen Mirroring:


Step 1: Press the Source button on the remote control. 



Step 2: Select the Screen Mirroring as a source. 



Step 3: Your TV will display a screen informing you that it is waiting for a device to be connected. This screen will be displayed until your device is connected. 



Note: If you do not connect your device within two (2) minutes, the scan will time out. To stop screen mirroring on the TV, simply change TV source on the remote.



Connecting your Android device with built in screen mirroring feature


Step 1: Tap Applications.



Step 2: Tap Settings. 



Note: These final steps will vary depending on your device. Most devices will have an option similar to Allshare Cast/Screen Mirroring in Samsung Phones.

This can be enabled through this path: Settings Wireless and Networks More SettingsAllshare Cast/Screen Mirror.


Step 3: Under Connect and Share tap Screen Mirroring. 



Step 4: Tap the TV that you want to connect to. 


Step 5: Once connected, your mobile device's screen will now be displayed on the TV. 



Note: There usually is a slight lag between the actions performed on the external device and their appearance on the TV.



For Smart TVs released without the built in Screen Mirroring function (Usually TV models below 2013)


To set up the connection between the TV and the screen mirroring-enabled device, you may refer to the device’s User Manual. Here's an example on how to view a content using a TV connected via an AllShare Cast Dongle.

Step 1: On the TV, select a connection mode, such as HDMI mode, to connect an external device.

Step 2: On the connecting unit’s Apps screen, tap Settings, and then tap Screen Mirroring. A list of detected devices will be displayed.

Step 3: Select a device to connect to (for this example, choose the TV). Your device screen appears on the TV screen. If you are connecting the device for the first time, tap and hold the dongle’s name on the list and enter the PIN shown on the TV screen. 


Step 4: Open or play a file, and then control the display with the keys on the device.


Note: Screen Mirroring can also be called as "Smart View" in new devices.

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