Unexpected call drop outs

Last Update date : 2017.03.15

Possible reasons for call drops-outs could be due to the following:


Step 1: Unexpected call drop outs may be caused by poor signal coverage. Signal strength is indicated by the antenna bar on your Samsung device. Move from your current location if possible, preferably to an open space outside. 

Step 2: Restart your Samsung device to enable it to reconnect to the Operator Network and possibly obtain a better signal.

Step 3: Select your network manually. From the Home screen tap Apps Settings → More networks → Mobile networks → Network operators. Select your Network Operator from the list.




Step 4: Most current mobile phones support multiple frequencies that are used for communication. If your device still receives low or no signal, you can access the Network Mode settings and choose to use “3G (WCDMA) and 2G (GSM)” or “2G mode only” for those occasions when , if the 4G signal is poor, you want the signal to use these networks by default.

Follow the steps below to do this:

From the home screen, tap Apps → Settings → More networks → Mobile networks → Network operators.




Step 5: The main antenna of Galaxy A5 is placed to the rear and near the bottom of device. Thus, in areas of poor reception, if you cover the antenna area of the device for example when it is in your pocket with metal objects such as a set of keys, this may cause connectivity problems (which in turn may lead to a increase on battery consumption when the device attempts to reconnect to the network).

Please ensure, when the device is in your pocket, the antenna area is not obscured by large metal objects.




Step 6: If the issue still persists after the self-troubleshooting steps mentioned above, please contact our Samsung Customer Care or find the nearest Service Centre. To find the nearest Service centre in your area please visit the Service Centre Locations area at www.samsung.com.au website.

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