Galaxy S6: How to use Slow Motion mode

Last Update date : 2017.09.29

You can record a video and view it in Slow Motion.

You can also edit sections of your videos to be played in Slow Motion.


To use the Slow Motion mode on your Galaxy S6 Camera app, follow the steps below:


Step 1: On the preview screen of the Main Camera, tap Mode.


Step 2: Tap Slow motion.



Step 3: Tap Recording button to start recording.


Step 4: When you are finished recording, tap Stop button to stop.


Step 5: To view or edit videos taken by Slow Motion directly,

tap the preview thumbnail icon on the preview screen.  



Step 6: Tap Slow motion icon. The video will start playing with a randomly set Slow Motion section.


Step 7: To edit the slow motion sections by your preference, tap Pause button to pause playback.


Step 8: Drag the start bracket and the end bracket to the desired point to trim segments of a video.


Step 9: Drag drag to select the area of the video to be played in slow motion. 

To set a Slow Motion section more precisely, tap and hold up arrow, and then drag your finger to the left or right

to move through the section frame by frame.



Step 10: Other options are also available (such as Speed) by tapping the Slow Motion section.


To use the Fast motion mode on your Galaxy S6 device please click here on the link here.

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