Why does the audio from the soundbar drops when connected via Bluetooth?

Last Update date : 2017.10.17

If your network device is located near your soundbar, you might experience some audio drops while the device is playing. This can also reduce the soundbar's Bluetooth range to less than 2 meters. 


audio drop 


If the audio drops when the soundbar is connected via bluetooth, please check the following:


●    Avoid placing any metal objects, electronic products and/or devices that may cause network interference near the soundbar.


●    Make sure not to place any network devices (i.e. modem/router, access point) near the soundbar. Network devices should be located more than 50cm away from the soundbar.


●    Select a different frequency for your access point (AP) device. Most devices are set to 2.4 GHz, if your AP supports 5GHz we recommend to select this. Though 5GHz has a shorter range, this frequency is less affected by interference.


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