What is Secure Folder?

Last Update date : 2017.09.22

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What is Secure Folder?


Secure Folder protects your private content, such as photos, notes and apps, from being accessed by others, housing it in a separate secure area, even when your device is unlocked. You can also use multiple accounts on a single device by creating a copy of the app to be housed in Secure Folder.


The data and apps in Secure Folder cannot be transferred to another device. Attempting to customise the operating system or modifying the software will cause Secure Folder to be automatically locked and inaccessible. Before saving any data in Secure Folder, make sure to back up a copy of the data in another location if you wish to.



Important Notice regarding Secure Folder


Secure Folder is an independent, secured space isolated from any other form of access. Users may not access, copy or transmit data stored in the Secure Folder, including through USB and Wi-Fi Direct, except by using authorised methods such as ‘Move out of Secure Folder’. 

If rooting or a custom rom is detected, the secure folder will be automatically locked to prevent unauthorised access and you may no longer access or use the applications and data inside the ‘Secure Folder’. This helps to protect the copy of the data on mobile device against unauthorised access, but could be inconvenient if it is your only copy. Therefore, please back up important data on other storage media, such as your personal computer before you proceed with moving files into Secure Folder.

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