Ice cubes are stuck together and not dispensing, what can be done?

Last Update date : 2017.10.24

If the unit is not dispensing ice then please check the following conditions to diagnose the issue:


●    If water supply line was installed recently, it may take 12 hours for the unit to make ice.


●    It may take longer to make ice if unit is not sufficiently cool, such as when first installed.


●    Make sure that the water line is properly connected and the shut-off valve is open.


●    Make sure that ice maker is turned On.


●    If you manually stopped ice making function, ensure that ice is set to either cubed or crushed.


●    If the freezer temperature is warm, set it to a lower temperature.


●    Make sure that the Child Lock function is turned Off.


●    Check any ice blocking in the ice maker bucket:

   If the ice is clumped together, discard it, clumped ice cannot pass through the dispenser.

   The Ice Bin should be emptied once a week to prevent clumping.


●    Open the door and inspect the ice chute, if there is ice or frost build up in the dispenser chute clear it away.





●    Try to pour 2 cups of water into the chute and check for leakage from the dispenser flap, if water is dribbling then the flap needs to be replaced.





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