My TV has audio but no video

Last Update date : 2017.11.01

If you are getting audio but no video, there are three possible issues: 


●    A connection issue, this is the most common issue. Many times the issue is an improper installation or a bad cable.


●    An issue with the device connected to the TV. There may be a video output setting on the device that you must set properly before it will output to the TV.


●   There is something wrong with the TV.  



Troubleshooting all 3 issues are explained below: 

Note:   If you are getting an error message on the screen such as "Check Signal Cable" or "Not Supported Mode" please go to the "No Video/ Error Message On Screen" section of this guide.  


To find the source of the problem, follow these steps: 


1.   First press the MENU button on your remote control or the television. If you are able to see the menu then continue to step 2 if you do not see the menu then your TV will need service. Please click on the "create new service" button located on the bottom of the page.  

2.   On the back of the TV and the device you have connected, make sure that none of the connecting cables are loose or attached to the wrong jack. If you are still having the problem, continue to the next step.  

3.   Check the settings on the device you connected to the TV. There may be a switch or button that turns its different outputs on and off. If you are still having the problem, continue to the next step.  

Example: Some of DirecTV's HD boxes have an "output mode" button that switches between component out and DVI out. 

4.   Replace the connection cables. If you are still having the problem, continue to the next step.  

5.   Connect another device to the same input. If you get an image from the new device, there is an issue with the original device you connected.  

Example: If your cable box is not working on component, disconnect it and try a DVD player on the same component input.  


If you still have audio but no video after trying all of the steps above, there is a problem with the TV. Please contact Samsung Customer Care using one of the following options from below to set up service for your TV.

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