Clothes from the washing machine are wet at the end of a cycle. What can I do?

Last Update date : 2017.09.26

Washer dryer 


If the clothes are wet even after the end of the spin cycle then follow some of the recommendations below:


    Use High or Extra High spin speed.


    Use high efficiency detergent to reduce over sudsing.


    Load is too small. Very small loads (one or two items) may become unbalanced and not spin out completely.


    The washer is not level. If the washer is not levelled properly, it attempts to spin up to a high speed, but it senses a severe unbalance condition and stops. The washer will rotate back and forth a few times to try and reposition the load, and then it attempts to spin up again. If the washer cannot detect a balanced load, it will attempt to reposition the load 3 times. After the 3rd time, it will add water and attempt to spin again. If the washer still cannot detect a balanced load, the washer will stop and the clothes will be wet.


    While the washer is attempting to spin, try moving the levelling legs to minimize the unbalanced condition.


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