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Switching to a Samsung Device?

Bring your content with you. #

Smart Switch lets you transfer Music, Clips, Photos, Contacts, Messages and more from your old compatible smartphone to your new compatible Samsung device. #

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Samsung Smart Switch

Frequently Asked Questions

There will be a Smart Switch notification prompting the customer to download the app.**

Yes, however the new compatible iPhone or iPad to compatible Samsung USB OTG cable option requires the Samsung device to support OTG Transfer.#

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (N9005); Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (N910G); Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Edge (N915G); Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8’4 (T705Y); Samsung Galaxy S6 (G920I); Samsung Galaxy S6 edge (G925I); Samsung Galaxy S5 (G900I); Samsung Galaxy S4 (I9500); Samsung Galaxy Alpha (G850Y).

Typically all low-mid tier devices including Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy A3, Samsung Galaxy A5.

HTC®: One X, X+, S, SV, V, Butterfly, Desire X, 500, EVO 4G
LG®: Optimus G, L9, 4X HD, L5, L7, Nexus 4 E960, G2, G3
Sony®: XPERIA Z, Z1, TL, V, ZR, Acro HD, Go, E dual, E
HuaweiTM: C8813, T8951, ASCEND G52
LenovoTM: A798T, A789, S720

End to end process takes about 25 mins for 10GB of content.#

To resolve this issue, un-tick the settings in iTunes by following these steps:
- Connect your phone to the computer
- Launch iTunes
- Select your old device and untick "Encrypt iPhone or iPad Backk-up
- You will be prompted to enter your Apple ID password.
- Cancel the back-up prompt when it appears.

Smart Switch will automatically exclude the music content from the transfer.

Yes, as of 2009 iTunes removed DRM from music content.#

Smart Switch Mobile uses high frequency audio to establish a connection between devices, therefore if speaker of the old device is blocked with the hand or surface, the audio isn’t well transferred to the target device and the connection is lost. And, you may not be able to connect if the application is not open or the button is not tapped on one of the devices, or if a pair of earphones or a Bluetooth headset is connected to the device.

Back-up of your old compatible Samsung smartphone can be transferred to your new Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge using Samsung Kies.

You will need:
- A computer with your Kies back-up (from your old compatible Samsung smartphone)
- USB charging cable
- Smart Switch app installed on your computer

Download Smart Switch for PC

Download Smart Switch for MAC

Install and launch Smart Switch, then connect your compatible Samsung device to the computer and follow these steps:
1. Select 'Restore'.
2. Select 'Change data to restore' button to select location of Kies back-up.
3. Select Samsung device data as the type data to restore.
4. Select the back-up data folder location (if required) by clicking on the blue 'File' symbol.
5. Choose the content you wish to transfer, then press 'OK'.

**Internet connection required. Data charges may apply.

Tapping “Later” only removes the notification from the home screen but remains in the notification panel & lock screen until “Cleared”.

There is a known Android OS issue for in-market Samsung devices that will be addressed with the Lollipop maintenance release. The work around is: Tap on “Cancel” when the prompt “Allow the app Gallery to access the USB device” and proceed as normal.

Yes, assuming you have backed up your content into iCloud.#

The iCloud backup option does not include music and relies on a good data connection as well as may result in data charges.

• Up to date backup available in iCloud. If unsure, go to your compatible iPhone or iPad# settings | iCloud | Backup and click on “Back up now”
• Sufficient iCloud storage for iCloud content backup
• Good data connection**

1. Download and install the Smart Switch app** from Galaxy Apps or the Google Play store on your compatible Samsung Galaxy smartphone# and start the Smart Switch app.
2. Read and accept the Smart Switch Terms & Conditions
3. Select “iOS Device”
4. Select “Import from iCloud”
5. Log into your iCloud account using your iCloud credentials
6. Select the content# to transfer and tap “Import”
7. Follow the prompts until it’s complete.

# Important Notice


Smart Switch is not compatible with all smart phones. Smart Switch can only transfer some music, clips, photos, contacts, messages and calendar from compatible smartphones. Click this link for a full list of compatible devices.

Rights to Transfer

Samsung takes copyright seriously. Only transfer content you own or have the right to transfer. Check the terms and conditions of your content providers.
Encrypted or digital rights management (DRM) protected content is not compatible and cannot be transferred using Smart Switch. Samsung does not warrant that the transfer steps described in this document will work without disruption or will always be available to you. Smart Switch performance may vary depending on your PC / MAC hardware, memory, operating system versions and software configuration.

** Internet connection required. Data charges may apply.

Samsung Smart Switch
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