Samsung Trade Up

Samsung Trade-Up

Bonus $200 trade in on selected models

The Samsung Trade-Up programme allows you to trade in your current eligible device to get store credit that can be put towards the purchase price of an eligible new Samsung smartphone or tablet. You can get an estimate of the credit value of your existing eligible handset by answering the questions below or you can visit any Samsung Retail Store to get an exact credit value today.

1. Select the brand of your device

2. Select device model

3. Select device memory

4. Select device connectivity

Please answer these questions about your device

Does the device power up and function normally?

Is the display in good condition? (normal wear and tear is OK)

Is the device free from obvious signs of liquid contact?

Are the buttons in good working condition?

Is the enclosure in good working condition? (Normal wear and tear is OK)

Your device summary

Congratulations! Trade in your device in a Samsung Retail Store today and get an estimated credit value of:

{{selectedPrice | currency}}

Unfortunately since your particular device is classified as non-working, there is no available credit.

Includes an estimated $200 bonus credit

Power:   {{optionPowerSelected == 1 ? 'Yes': 'No'}}

Display:   {{optionDisplaySelected == 1 ? 'Yes': 'No'}}

No obvious liquid contact:   {{optionLiquidSelected == 1 ? 'Yes': 'No'}}

Keys and Buttons:   {{optionButtonsSelected == 1 ? 'Yes': 'No'}}

Enclosure:   {{optionEnclosureSelected == 1 ? 'Yes': 'No'}}

* Please note that this amount is an estimate only. Your trade in device will be assessed in-store and the value of credit provided to you for your trade in device may be a lower amount ( and will be nil if your device is determined to be ineligible for the purposes of the program).

Important information

You will need to bring your eligible smartphone or tablet to one of our Samsung Retail Stores. By trading in your device, you agree to the customer terms and conditions for the program and use your store credit to purchase an eligible new Samsung product at the same time that you trade in your existing eligible device.

Please keep in mind that you will need to provide adequate identification (to be copied in-store), You must be the outright owner of your trade in device and need to make sure that the device has not been registered as lost or stolen. Your trade in device also needs to be unlocked with "Find my iPhone/iPad" disabled. Once you complete this process your trade in device will be surrendered and cannot be returned to you. Please ensure that you save and then delete all files and data from your trade in device before you trade it in. See terms and conditions for further details.

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