Wireless Keyboard VG-KBD1000

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Built-in touchpad

The Smart Wireless Keyboard is a comprehensive control solution for almost all your needs. Use the convenient touchpad to smoothly operate and navigate with speed and ease. Thanks to this built-in feature, you won’t have to use a separate mouse. Fluid pointer movement makes browsing the web via Smart Hub enjoyable by providing a comfortable experience that’s effortless and effective^. ^ Internet connection required. Data and subscription charges may apply.

A stylish combination of keyboard and remote control access

Pick up a device that combines a stylish look, comfortable feel and powerful functionality. This Smart Wireless Keyboard gives you easy hotkey access to TV remote control functions like power on/off, channel changing and volume adjustment. It’s simple to use, with an attractive slim-line aesthetic and minimal bezel around the keys that helps with fast and comfortable typing.

Connect to compatible Samsung mobile devices

Enjoy the Smart Wireless Keyboard with a range of compatible devices, thanks to Samsung Mobile compatibility. As well as being used with TVs, this sophisticated Smart Wireless Keyboard can communicate with and control selected Android™ Smartphones^^ with the use of Bluetooth. It’s great for composing messages to be sent via your mobile device. Users that find typing with classic keyboards more comfortable and quicker than touch screens, now have a great alternative. ^^ Android is a trademark of Google Inc.

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