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Introducing the new 2018 QLED TV

Three simple words: Unrivaled viewing experience.
That’s all we need to sum up the ideas behind
our new 2018 QLED TV range. No more distractions.
Just pure entertainment for your eyes.

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The new 2018 QLED TV evolves the premium viewing experience, with big screens and vibrant colours for truly lifelike pictures. Manage your connected devices conveniently with a single remote, find a world of content easily, and delight in designs that blend effortlessly into your home's interior. Samsung understands what TV should be, so you can enjoy incredible entertainment.

Vibrant shades of colour

We took the simple process of creating images on a TV screen and made it something extraordinary with our amazing Quantum dot technology. Nano-sized particles that turn light into the vibrant colours you can see on QLED TVs, our Quantum dots are inorganic, like diamonds. That means you can enjoy bright, vivid images that last.

Image clarity, in dark rooms and bright

Direct Full Array

Think about the times you just couldn’t see the TV screen. Sometimes there’s just too much sunlight in the room. Sometimes, not enough. New 2018 QLED TVs can deliver image clarity in many lighting environments, with deeper and darker blacks that highlight every detail, and an anti-reflective layer to minimise glare. Now it shouldn't matter how much light there is in the room.

When compared with 2017 Samsung Q9 QLED TV. Q9 and Q8 only.

See beyond the shadows


Sometimes you just can’t see what’s on your own TV screen, especially when it’s a dark scene with some shadows. Powered by HDR10+ technology, Q HDR is designed to provide a wide range of brightness and contrast in HDR10+ content, helping to bring fine picture nuance to life.

Only available on HDR10+ content, which is currently available only on Amazon Prime.

QLED TV showing anti-glare

See the BIGGER picture

75" and 82" TVs

Sports and movies can feel incredibly close and intense on our big screen TV range, with vivid and immaculate detail. Take on-screen entertainment to a new level of immersion, with breathtaking cinematic experiences.

See Big Screen TV range

Advertised screen size rounded to nearest whole inch and actual screen size may be up to 0.5mm smaller than advertised size.

QLED TV big screen range

See the picture, not the TV

Minimise distraction. Maximise focus. Our goal is to help keep your attention on great pictures, so we've reduced visible cables with thoughtful design and created ways to avoid seeing a plain black screen on your TV.

One is more

One Clear Connection

Easy installation and reduced cable clutter. The One Clear Connection is a slim optical cable that joins your TV, including its power cable, to multiple devices through the One Connect. With cables combined and devices stored out of sight, your space can be neat and streamlined.

A video starts with close-up image of TV with several cables, and then several cables under the TV join together to display the One Clear Cable.


Your space
is free

One Connect

Design your space the way you like it. With multiple compatible devices connected to the TV through the One Connect, you're free to conceal devices where they look and work best, and see only a single, clear cable to your TV.

A video that shows the cabinet opens to show the One Connect Box and then a blue light comes on.
Infographics for Integrated and Signal Receiver feature of One Clear Connection.

One Connect Box required for One Clear Connection. One Connect Box has capacity for 4 HDMI, 3 USB, 1 optical and 1 x 240 volt power cable.

More choice
for your space

One Mount Solution

The One Mount solution makes it easy to hang your TV, or use the stand that complements your room. Choose from the Slim Fit Wall-Mount, the Gravity Stand or Studio Stand.

Slim Fit

Ingeniously engineered, the Slim Fit Wall-Mount quickly and easily hangs your TV close to the wall, for a sleek and streamlined installation.

Measured from rear end of the TV, the gap may differ based on the installation and wall type. 75" Q7F and 65"/75" Q9F generates 7mm gap. Wall mount sold separately.

Gravity Stand

Sleek. Modern. Functional. More than just a way to keep your TV upright, the Gravity Stand features a built-in cable management system. It’s a whole new way to accentuate your space.

Compatible with 65” and 55” QLED TV models. Stand sold separately.

Studio Stand

Think differently, and place your TV anywhere you like. The easel-like design and built-in cable management system of the Studio Stand helps transform your TV into a piece of art.

Compatible with 65” and 55” QLED TV models. Stand sold separately.

All you need is one

One Remote Control

Spend less time searching for the remotes, and more time watching. The single, sleek One Remote Control can operate all your compatible devices and content, and with connected devices automatically named on-screen, it can be fast and easy for everyone to find what they want, from the youngest in your home to the oldest.

Compatible with selected devices. Refer to for list of compatible devices. Apps and services are subject to change without notice. Internet connection required. Data, subscription and other charges may apply. Colour may vary between black & silver. Not available on NU7100.

boundless possibilities


Connect seamlessly with a range of smart devices and appliances, from your fridge to your mobile to your washing machine. SmartThings can provide an intuitive way to take control of your home, and beyond. Experience a truly connected life.

Compatible with selected devices. Refer to for list of compatible devices. Internet connection required.

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