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Premium 4K UHD TV

More than a billion colours combine with high contrast, super-bright High Dynamic Range screens to provide a stunning viewing experience. Paired with superb materials and impeccable design, Premium UHD TV stands out - and blends in - for all the right reasons.

Image of Premium Ultra HD TV

Enjoy vibrant
colour in UHD

High Dynamic Range 1000

Movies can be more memorable when the picture really pops. With HDR 1000, the bright highlights of the action stand out on a deep black background.1 And there’s no need to turn down the lights or draw the blinds, our bright screens make for great viewing even during the day.

Not all 4K UHD TVs are the same!
Video inside Samsung Premium UHD TV
Image of Premium UHD TV
Image of Premium UHD TV RGB before Image of Premium UHD TV RGB after

*Compared to conventional Samsung UHD TVs. Only available on HDR content.

intense colour

Discover a huge spectrum colour, with more than a billion shades on Premium UHD TV. See the bling in your favourite heist movie with rich, glittering detail, and your team's sporting field in pure, verdant splendour.

See the MU9000 Premium UHD TV
Image of Premium UHD with intense colour

Great daytime viewing

Ultra Black

Designed for bright conditions in modern homes, the cone-shaped structures in the Ultra Black filter mimic the design of a moth's eye to help disperse and absorb light at the screen, enabling you to see beautiful images with reduced glare and reflections. With Ultra Black, you can watch clear, crisp TV pictures during daylight hours or night, in darkened rooms and bright.

* Ultra black only available on MU9000 model.

Image of Premium UHD with Ultra black on Image of Premium UHD with Ultra black Image of Premium UHD with Ultra black feature 01 Image of Premium UHD with Ultra black feature 02 Ultra Black
Moth eye structure
Flat surface

Smooth and
fluid movement

200 Hertz Motion Rate

The high octane sports, games and movies you love shouldn't be marred by irritating judder and blur. With 200Hz Motion Refresh Rate, rapidly-moving scenes can display crisply and smoothly, helping you stay focused on what really matters.

Image of Premium UHD with 200Hz MR

Keeping it tidy

Clean cable solution

A tangle of cables emerging from behind the TV is never a good look. Our Premium 4K UHD TVs conceal untidy wiring within the stand so your living space can be sleek and streamlined.2

Image of Curved Premium UHD TV

Timeless, curved design

360˚ Design

The elegant arc and clean back panel make a moden design statement in your living space, and allow the TV to look great, even when positioned in the middle of the room. To further compliment your space, add a matched soundbar, in curved or flat design.

See Soundbar Range

Fast, fun and fabulous

Smart Hub

Whatever you're into, it's here at the Smart Hub. Netflix, iView and Stan and more, plus broadcast TV and your connected devices. Just click and select, or watch thumbnail previews before jumping in.3

Live TV onscreen image appears first. After by clicking Stan icon, onscreen image is changed to movie.

Continue WatchingWatch Next

Live TV onscreen image appears first. After by clicking Netflix icon, onscreen image is changed to movie.

charge now!

One Remote Control

Replace that clutter of remotes on your coffee table with a single, powerful handset. The One Remote Control can operate your connected compatible devices, and with device names displayed onscreen it can be easy for everyone to choose and use the entertainment they want.4

Premium 4K UHD range

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1. Only available on HDR content.
2. Compatible with devices that connect via Optical, HDMI or USB input only.
3. Wi-Fi network and internet connection required. Data, subscription and other charges may apply. Apps may need to be downloaded. Compatible with Android v4.1 and iOS v7 and above mobile devices, and Windows™ 7 and above computers. Windows™ mobile devices are incompatible. Smart View App required for non-Samsung devices. Feature works with selected apps only. Streaming apps cannot be shared or mirrored. Available Apps and Services are subject to change without notice.
4. Compatible with selected devices. Refer to for list of compatible devices.