Watch catch-up TV

Search and watch great catch-up and free-to-air TV shows with
FreeviewPlus on compatible Samsung Smart TVs.1

Watch catch-up TV on compatible Samsung Smart TVs

Catch-up TV on FreeviewPlus is like a TV time machine, allowing you to enter into an internet-based storehouse of popular shows that have already aired on Australia’s Freeview TV networks.1

Whether it’s on ABC iView, SBS OnDemand, Channel Nine’s Now, Network Seven’s PLUS7, or Ten’s TENplay, catch-up services from Freeview broadcasters let you watch popular shows you might have missed, discover the shows everyone in the tea room is talking about, enjoy favourite shows again (and again), or just watch the shows you forgot to record.

Watching catch-up TV is easy. You can stream shows from the website of each Freeview broadcaster or via their respective apps, which are available on compatible games consoles, set-top boxes, tablets, smartphones and televisions, such as compatible Samsung Smart TVs.

Without a one-stop guide to the hundreds of programs available across all the separate catch-up services for available free-to-air channels, it hasn’t always been easy to explore offerings. You were never quite sure if there were more options you could be viewing at the time you wanted to watch.

FreeviewPlus available on compatible Samsung Smart TVs can change that.


FreeviewPlus1 lets you browse and choose up to seven days of catch-up TV from all the available Freeview networks. You can view summaries of particular shows, see how many episodes are available to watch, when shows are about to vanish from catch-up, and more.

That ‘more’ includes a seven-day free-to-air TV programming guide. That means you can browse and choose what’s on catch-up TV, right alongside free-to-air TV shows on-air now and coming up in the next week.

Started watching a great new series on Channel 7, but missed the first couple of episodes? Get up to speed with them on catch-up TV with FreeviewPlus. Found a new gem on the ABC, but it’s on after your bedtime? Bookmark it in FreeviewPlus and watch episodes back-to-back on iView.

Like to watch only one channel? You can enjoy direct access to catch-up TV and all the free-to-air channels from each broadcaster with just a click of your remote.

Step back in time: Cruise and choose from 7 days worth of catch-up TV from the available FreeviewPlusTM networks.

Step back in time: Cruise and choose from 7 days worth of catch-up TV from the available FreeviewPlus networks.


With so much entertainment to choose from, the FreeviewPlus EPG can be a quick way to find shows to watch. Know what you want? FreeviewPlus lets you search catch-up and free-to-air shows by program name.1

Quick facts

Why FreeviewPlus?1

  • Access all available catch-up TV from the Freeview networks in one place
  • Search available catch-up TV and free-to-air TV programs
  • See when favourite shows are on next, or expire from catch-up
  • Set reminders for shows you want to watch
  • Search programs by name and genre

Not sure what to watch? Browse movies and TV shows by genre to find the comedy, drama or sports show that suits your mood, or choose free-to-air and catch-up TV shows recommended by FreeviewPlus. You can mark certain programs as Favourites too, so that you not only know when they're due to be broadcast, but when they're going to expire on catch-up.

All that TV is oh so tempting, and you don’t have to miss a moment. The beauty of FreeviewPlus also extends to reminders. Set up prompts for a show you want to watch and an alert will pop up on the screen to remind you it’s about to begin.

Such powerful search and convenience features are great, but being able to choose what to watch from all the available catch-up and free-to-air TV programs is genius. And with FreeviewPlus on compatible Samsung Smart TVs, you can do it all from a single, simple interface, on the one big screen.

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  1. FreeviewPlus is only available on compatible Samsung Smart TVs, from the Full HD K5500 model and up. FreeviewPlus uses Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV (HbbTV) technology which combines broadcast and broadband. Wi-Fi network and internet connection required. Applications may need to be downloaded. Data usage charges and conditions apply. Usage is subject to third party service provider agreements. FreeviewPlus is available throughout Australia but catch-up services vary by region. Visit for more information on this service.