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My Life powered by Samsung Galaxy S5

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My Life powered by Samsung Galaxy S5
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Hints and Tips

Smart Minute - 3D

With Samsung Smart TV you can get the whole 3D experience right in your living room. With Total 3D we're talking about full HD 3D picture quality, 3D sound and ergonomic 3D glasses.

Smart Minute - AllShare

We all have stuff we want to show off to our friends - with Samsung Smart TV it doesn't matter where you keep your media because you can always show it off on your big screen TV.

Samsung Apps
Smart Minute - Samsung Apps

You don't need to be a genius or a tech whiz to get a Samsung Smart TV. The features are much more simple than you think. Take the Samsung Apps Store. You can find all kind of great apps to make your life easier.

Ethernet Connection
Smart Minute - Connecting your Smart TV

First things first, before taking advantage of all the smart and easy to use features of Samsung Smart TV, we will need to get connected to the internet.

Remote App
Smart Minute - Samsung Remote App

We're all tired of losing the remote or having so many remotes we don't know which one is which. Always have the remote in your pocket with the Samsung Remote App on your smartphone or tablet.

Skype App
Smart Minute - Skype App

The Skype app for Samsung Smart TV is a great way to communicate face to face with the people you care about without even having to leave your own living room.

Smart Hub
Smart Minute - Smart Hub

Samsung Smart TV puts you in control of some amazing features accessible from a single menu called the Smart Hub.

Search All
Smart Minute - Search All

When there's so much content out there it can be tough to scour endless media just to find what you're looking for. Luckily with Samsung Smart TV you can get the guess work out of where to begin.

Social TV
Smart Minute - Social TV

Social Media is basically everywhere, and there's new ways to use it all the time. With Social TV features, watching and sharing your favourite shows and movies just got a lot easier.

Your Video
Smart Minute - Your Video

With the Samsung Smart TV Your Video feature, you can search through lots of featured content to find TV shows and movies chosen just for you, based on what you have enjoyed in the past.

Create a WiFi hotspot with One Foot Connection

Mated with Samsung’s wireless router, TVs with built-in WiFi will detect compatible devices within one foot (around 30cm) and automatically connect, avoiding the usual tedious network security and setup protocols. This ‘One Foot Connection’ feature effectively acts as a WiFi hotspot for the whole family’s compatible devices, making casual connections – like if visitors bring their netbook loaded with holiday photos over to your house – as easy as. What’s more, those compatible devices can be used anywhere covered by your home WiFi network. If, of course, your network router is outside the one-foot range, simply navigate to ‘Network’ in your Smart TV’s setup menu, enter a few setup details and a security key and you’re away!

Qwerty Remote
Works like any remote - Galaxy S smartphone

Download the app for your smartphone and use it as a Smart TV controller. All the usual TV controls are provided, plus there’s a virtual keyboard that communicates your content searches over WiFi to your Smart TV.

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Samsung LED TV’s utilise LCD screens with LED edge lights. For information on viewing in 3D mode click here.
Samsung takes copyright seriously. Samsung's AllShare feature is intended only for private and domestic use by a person. Any other use of Samsung's AllShare feature may be contrary to the law, including copyright law. Samsung does not authorise, sanction, approve or countenance any use of its AllShare feature that infringes copyright or is otherwise contrary to law"