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My Life powered by Samsung Galaxy S5
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Samsung Compliments Its SMART TV Range with New Accessories

April 6, 2011


Light-Weight Prescription-Ready 3D Glasses, High-Definition TV Camera and More

SYDNEY, Australia – April 6, 2011 - Samsung Electronics Australia today unveils a range of TV accessories to bring additional features and functionality to its new SMART TV range. The accessory line features an array of breakthrough technologies, including light-weight prescription-ready 3D active glasses, a Wireless Router, QWERTY remote control and a Skype™-certified high-definition (HD) TV camera that transforms televisions into large screen video phones.

Light-Weight, Prescription-Ready 3D Active Glasses

Weighing in at just 29 grams, Samsung, together with eyewear designer Silhouette, have developed the world’s lightest 3D active glasses. These glasses have a redesigned component layout and use lighter material, plus they feature Bluetooth technology for a more reliable connection to the TV. Samsung also cut the LCD response time to improve the contrast ratio. The net result is a brighter 3D picture, compared with older Samsung products, with less cross-talk (ghosting) and viewing fatigue.

Viewers who wear eyeglasses can order special prescription lenses that attach to the 3D glasses, therefore enjoying 3D TV with only one pair of glasses. For those who prefer to wear their own eyeglasses, Samsung has incorporated a new temple design that connects to the top of the glasses frame for a greater range of movement and to minimise the possibility of breaking. The frame and temples are made of a flexible material used in regular eyeglasses so the premium 3D glasses’ temples can stretch and bend to accommodate different head sizes. The 3D glasses also have an adjustable, removable nose pad and enhanced weight balance thanks to the new placement of the printed circuits and batteries behind each ear.

In addition to the premium 3D glasses, Samsung is also introducing three other new models – one entry level model and two lightweight step-up models in two different sizes to suit all head shapes.

Samsung Entry 3D Glasses – RRP $129
Samsung Step-Up 3D Glasses – RRP $149
Samsung Premium 3D Glasses – RRP $189

Wireless Router

The new Samsung Wireless Router offers easy set-up and an optimised connectivity solution for Samsung TVs. It includes Samsung’s One Foot Connection (OFC), which establishes a Wi-Fi connection to Samsung 2011 TVs and other OFC-enabled devices. During the initial set-up, users simply need to put the router within one foot of these devices to establish a connection; the devices can then subsequently be moved to any part of the home while still maintaining this connection to share content.

Samsung Wireless Router – RRP $249

Skype™-Certified High Definition TV Camera

Samsung’s new Skype-certified TV camera transforms Samsung TVs into large-screen, living room videophones. The TV camera, which enables video calls on a Samsung TV without a headset or webcam, features a built-in HD sensor (720p at 30 fps), auto focus to keep the subject in-focus even when shifting positions, four high-fidelity microphones to capture voice at up to four metres away with ambient noise, and advanced HD video encoding.

Installing the Samsung TV camera is easy: Users simply plug the USB cable into the TV and attach the camera to the back of the TV using the magnets. At only 1.3cm wide, the camera’s slim design helps it blend in with even the thinnest Samsung TV. A flexible camera neck wraps around the top of the TV, allowing the user to adjust the lens position and identify the perfect shooting angle.

Samsung HD TV Camera – RRP $199

QWERTY TV Remote Control

Samsung’s new QWERTY TV remote offers users the best of both worlds. On one side are the traditional buttons found on a Samsung TV remote control. On the reverse is a full QWERTY keyboard for easy text input and navigation when using a Samsung SMART TV. This comfortable design allows users to enter in website addresses, Tweet and Facebook messages on their TV and search for the content they want through Smart Hub and Samsung Apps.

Samsung QWERTY Remote Control – RRP $149

Samsung LED TV's utilise LCD screens with LED edge lights. For information on viewing in 3D mode click here.