SUHDTV uses Quantum Dot technology delivering more colours and brighter screens delivering lifelike images on screen.*

"Seriously, these TVs get immeasurably better every year."
Luke Hopewell 23/04/2015

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* Picture quality will depend on source content. Samsung SUHD Series 9 TV size is up to 88inch,bigger than 2015 Samsung UHD TVs. Samsung SUHD TV JS9000 models have up to 33% more peak brightness than 2015 Samsung UHD TV models. Picture quality will depend on source content. When claiming more colour: "Samsung SUHD TV Series 8 , Series 9 produce 64 times more colour compared to all other Samsung UHD TV range, except for UA60JS7200WXXY. 2015 Samsung SUHD Series 9 TVs are powered by an Octa-Core Processor for faster processing than 2015 Samsung UHD models, which are powered by a Quad-Core Processor. Applications may need to be downloaded. Internet connection required. Data, subscription and other charges may apply. Usage may be subject to third party service provider agreements.