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Laundry time has never been easier with Samsung’s range of washing machines. Our innovative machines have a range of handy features like AddWash™, to help you add missed items after the cycle begins and BubbleWash™, for pre-mixed bubble action. Stay on top of your laundry with large capacity and experience the outstanding performance of our machines.
Forgotten Something?

Simply Add Items During Wash.

Exclusive only to Samsung machines, AddWashTM is an innovative feature, never before seen in the laundry category. With AddWashTM you can add items during the wash without having to wait for the drum to drain*.

With the handy Add Door, you can:
  • Add forgotten items
  • Add fabric softener
  • Add hand-washed items just for the rinse cycle
Pre-mixed Bubble Action.

Outstanding Performance.

BubbleWash gives your clothes a powerful but gentle clean. Pre-mixed bubble action mixes detergent with water and air in a separate ‘bubble-generator’, before reaching clothes.

The Diamond Drum’s innovative design means water can escape through tiny diamond shaped depressions which collect water and help to prevent clothes from getting damaged.
Household size Capacity range
S small household 6 to 7.5Kg
M medium household 8 to 9.5Kg
L large household 10 to 11.5Kg
XL xl household 12 to 14.5Kg
XXL xxl household 15Kg+
Less Loads,
More Life.

Our machines come in a range of sizes to suit every kind of family. With our extra-large capacity machines, that hold up to 16Kg, you can wash more clothes in a single load and spend less time in the laundry. This table will help you find the perfect machine for your household.

laundry stack
full range
Explore the range.
Our innovative range of washing machines is designed to make your laundry time feel like a breeze. From adding a missed sock after the cycle has begun to fitting all the kids’ uniforms in one load, the helpful features of our machines were designed with you in mind.