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Consumerization 2.0

Business solutions built for end users


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Consumerization of IT

Business users have brought the consumer experience to work with a vengeance, via wearables, smartphones, tablets, and increased expectations regarding application ease of use. As consumer devices continue to gain both IT acceptance and access to enterprise information in the workplace, it’s clear that consumerization is poised to reinvent enterprise IT


  • 20%
    of companies support tablets
  • 17%
    piloting tablet support program
  • 34%
    actively researching or thinking about doing so

had a formal BYOD policy,
while 18% were piloting one


said it was on the radar
or being researched


were looking into or thinking about integrating unified communication support for more devices.


were looking into or thinking about smartphones & tablets as laptop replacements for mobile workers

Getting Work Done


of B2B executives purchase IT products on smartphone or tablet.


of knowledge workers work at both at workplace or remotely.




say security the greatest challenge in the way of an organization’s ability to fully embrace consumerization of IT

Infrastructure Challenges


more network badwidth


complex policy and governance changes

Infrastructure Challenges


say integrating devices, management, and security that all work together is a top challenge

Making Inroads in the
Enterprise: Wearables

Services on your wrist will make it much simpler for businesses
and consumers to get things done

112 million wearables by 2018 112 million wearables by 2018
2010 $5.1 Billion, 2014 $6.3 Billion, 2018 $12.6 Billion

The Wearable Technology market is expected to grow in value to

$12.6 Billion by 2018

of Americans who own wearable technology devices attest that it helps them “feel more in control” of their lives

46% consumers are interested in smart watches 46% consumers are interested in smart watches

Samsung Solutions:

Innovative solutions for the new, mobile business experience.

Samsung is working with an extensive ecosystem of partners to help businesses accelerate the adoption of new technologies.

Smartphones and Tablets

Enterprise- and field-ready devices; Connected and integrated with Enterprise system


Samsung Knox — Secure enterprise mobile platform that delivers a robust, hardware based security foundation for the mobile enterprise

Source: IDG Content Partnership

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