By scanning a NFC tag with mobile device, a Samsung Xpress C460FW printer is printing a photo was taken balloon in the sky.
Xpress C460FW

Introducing The New Way To Print
With Your Mobile Device.

A Printer That Makes All Smartphones Smarter.

Print wirelessly and share effortlessly with the Samsung Xpress 4-in-1 printer. With advanced NFC technology, Wi-Fi Direct and powerful compatibility, all it takes is a simple tap.

By scanning a NFC tag with mobile device, a Samsung Xpress C460FW printer is printing a document.
A icon means tap NFC tag.
Get Print On Tap!
Simply Tap your mobile device to the Samsung Xpress C460FW series to print virtually any content.
A mobile shows a scanned document from a Samsung Xpress C460FW printer.
Scan images and send them
directly to your mobile device.
A mobile shows a faxed document from a Samsung Xpress C460FW printer.
Share the content on your
mobile device instantly via fax.
By scanning a NFC tag with mobile device, a Samsung Xpress C460FW printer is printing a document.
A Samsung Xpress C460FW printer is printing a document with mobile device. A Samsung Xpress C460FW printer is printing a document with Google cloud.
Print Wirelessly Share Anytime
Effortless mobile printing with impressive compatibility, optimized for any task or occasion.
Google Cloud Print From Anywhere
Google Cloud Print works on Smartphone, Tablet PC, Google Chrome
Book, PC/Notebook and Other Web connected devices
A Samsung Xpress C460FW printer is operating as a copy machine.
4-in-1 Multifunction

4-in-1 versatility, the Samsung C460FW printer streamlines workflow and
ensures that the office with print operation is working as efficient as possible.
With print, copy, scan and fax functionality, the C460FW offers flexibility and lets
you work with less barriers. A host of innovative features like ID Copy, N-up
copy, Scan-to-email and the convenient PC fax functionality ensure that your
workforce has the necessary functionality needed to thrive in the modern world
of business.

  • Print
  • Copy
  • Scan
  • Fax
Easy To Use

Designed for simple and intuitive operation the Xpress C460FW saves you precious time and effort.

Someone is pushing the Eco button of a Samsung Xpress C460FW printer.
  • One Touch Eco Button
    Just One push of the ECO button and you can save on toner, paper, and energy. Print multiple pages on one sheet, change colour to greyscale or skip blank pages.
  • One Touch WPS Button
    Connect quickly and securely to your wireless network with the touch of a button, via the one-touch WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup).
Someone is inserting the USB memory stick to Samsung Xpress C460FW printer.
Direct USB Printing
Easily print images and documents directly from a USB memory stick with the intuitive menu and navigation keys.
Easy Solution Support

The printer also brings you software support designed to put you in control of delivering ultimate quality printouts easier than ever before.

A image shows a screen of the Samsung Easy Printer Manager. A image shows the Easy Document Creator shares documents to SNS.
  • A icon means Easy printer Manager.
    Easy Printer Manager
    Easy Printer Manager helps to remotely control settings and monitor status easily.
  • A icon means Easy Document Creator.
    Easy Document Creator
    Easy Document Creator helps you creat digital documents in multiple formats and makes it easy to share them with others - via e-mail, fax or social networks.
Brilliant Colour Quality For Your Documents

Text, graphs or images - the C460FW helps you print anything in brilliant quality that meets even the highest expectations.Its 600x600 dpi can be enhanced to an impressive 2,400x600 dpi by varying the dots size and the position of the dot itself. This means you can print more detail and have smoother and sharper images.

A image shows printed comparison between Samsung Conventional and Samsung Xpress C460FW.
  • Enjoy Quality Printouts
    Samsung’s unique ReCP (Rendering Engine for Clean Page) Technology improves the overall quality and vibrancy of your colour printing, ensuring every printout looks perfect. It automatically sharpens the focus of both graphics and text, while solid objects are overlapped to eliminate white gaps.
  • Polymerized Toner
    Our newly developed polymerized toner has smaller and more uniform particles than conventional toner. Meaning, your printouts will have crisper lines and more vivid colours - helping avoid any paper curling. Also, its higher wax content improves the image gloss and enhances the durability preventing unwanted fading.
The front of Samsung Xpress C460FW printer.
Ergonomic Design

Don't worry about this printer crowding your space.Its beautiful and compact design makes it a pleasure to share a desk with.

  • Small Size Footprint
    With a footprint of just 40.6 x 36.2 cm,it's the world's smallest colour laser MFP.
  • Ergonomic Design
    Its ergonomic design with ebony brown and ice grey colour creates a modern and elegant work environments.
The left side of Samsung Xpress C460FW printer.
Product Configuration
It shows configurations of the Samsung Xpress C460FW printer: NFC tag, Automatic Document Feeder, Scanner Glass, Scan to Button, WPS Button, Direct USB Button, Eco Button.
It shows left side configurations of the Samsung Xpress C460FW printer: Toner Cartridge and Front Cover. It shows right side configurations of the Samsung Xpress C460FW printer: Telephone Line Socket(LINE), Extension Telephone Socket (EXT.), Network Port, Power Connector and USB Port.