Samsung Printer Xpress C1810W

Samsung Colour Laser Printer
True colour at the speed of light

For your daily life and every business

Samsung Xpress C1810W Printer Just Tap with NFC-enabled smartphone on the scene.

A Printer That Makes Your Smartphone Even Smarter

Print wirelessly and share effortlessly with the Samsung Xpress C1810W. All it takes is a simple tap with its advanced NFC technology, Wi-Fi Direct, Google Cloud Print
and powerful compatibility.

Get Print On Tap!
Simply tap your mobile device to the Samsung Xpress C1810W to
print virtually any content.
2013 BLI Award logo.
Samsung NFC technology earned the 2013
"Outstanding Achievement in Innovation"
Award from Buyers Lab, Inc.

Simply tap your mobile device to the Samsung Xpress C1810W to print virtually any content.

Effortless mobile printing with impressive compatibility, optimized for any task or occasion.

Print Wirelessly Share Anytime
Effortless mobile printing with impressive compatibility, optimized
for any task or occasion.
Google Cloud Print Ready Logo.
Google Cloud Print works on smartphones,
tablet PCs, Google Chromebooks, PCs and
other web connected devices.
Simple registration to Google Cloud
Google Cloud Print allows you to connect and print from wherever you are.
Just tap your smartphone to the printer and automatically connect it to the
cloud—no login necessary.

Tap your smartphone to a printer to automatically log in without a need to connect the google cloud scene.

Don't wait for the SVC guy to fix your PRT
Dealing with a frustrating printer error? There's no need to call for help when you have a NFC-enabled smartphone.
Just tap your smartphone to the printer and you'll be guided through a series of troubleshooting tips and clips.

A printer error occurs, the NFC-enabled smart phone easily tab of the printer, which can solve the problem guiding incoming guide and video scene.

Now every workgroup can enjoy professional colour output

Whatever size your team, and however busy you are, you can rely on the C1810W to constantly deliver professional, quality colour output. Because anything less isn't good enough.

Make sharp images and text even sharper
Boost the overall quality and vividness of your output with our unique ReCP
(Rendering Engine for Clean Pages). It automatically adds dots along the edges of
images and characters, meaning everything looks so much sharper and cleaner.
What's more, those white gaps between coloured areas that are so common with
other devices are eliminated. What you and your team are left with is an outstanding
colour output.

Using ReCP clarity and color when not used and the output is compared to a scene.

Polymerized toner is used when you do not use when comparing the output of the scene.

Make colours more vibrant
Polymerized toner is one of our most innovative breakthroughs of recent years. Its revolutionary particles are
smaller and more uniform, giving lines extra definition, tones more graduation and colour more impact. Its
higher wax content not only improves the image gloss, but also enhances the durability preventing unwanted
fading. And as the polymer toner can be applied in a thinner layer with lower fusing temperatures it reduces
the paper curl and energy consumption as well.

A higher level of printing performance

Accelerating your business' productivity begins with your printer. With its 18/18 pages
per minute output and a first page out time of just 16 seconds the C1810W doesn't let
you down.

More power, better productivity
With the power of two cores the device can process your work files simultaneously and therefore with higher speeds. The 256MB memory ensures even heavy printing documents are spooled faster and you don't have to wait long for your print outs. What all this means for you is simple: the C1810W is perfect when there's a lot to print and a tight deadline to meet.

Xpress C1810W printer's single Cpu and dual Cpu processing power compared to the scene.

Cost effective printing with every job

Be in control of your printing cost during the printer's entire time of operation. Low costs per page that keep your running costs low for the time you do business.

High yield, low costs
Higher yield cartridges means more time between changes, saving you time,
while low toner costs means less cost for every page. You'll find the Total Cost
of Ownership is slashed.
Less power, less to pay
There is more money to be saved by reducing power consumption. Our
innovative polymerized toner requires a lower fusing temperature, resulting
in less energy consumption. And the Dual CPU needs less energy to do its
job as well. In fact, with a typical energy consumption of Only 1.3 kWh(TEC),
Less than 1.52kWh(Wi-fi Direct on) - as measured by the Energy Star.
Eco printing
One push of the ECO button and you can make use of all the smart eco
functions that can be indivudually set through the printer driver. Print multiple
pages on one sheet, skip blank pages or print in greyscales instead of full
color. It's all there to save you paper, toner, energy and money right away.

Power consumption when printing 2500 pages 1.3kWh (TEC) in the 1.52kWh (Wi-Fi Direct on) represents the consumption and saving a scene.

Product Configuration

The configurations of the Samsung Xpress C1810W: NFC TAG, Output Tray, Control Panel Paper Tray. Internal configurations of the Samsung Xpress C1810W: Toner Cartridge, Front Cover. Back side configurations of the Samsung Xpress C1810W: Network Port, Usb Port, Power Connector.