Samsung Printer ProXpress M4075FX

Transform Office Productivity
In An Innovative Printing Solution

The Samsung ProXpress M4075FX  printing a document.

Print With Exceptional Speed And Superior Quality

High Speed Printing & Image Processing

ProXpress M4075FX boasts print speeds of up to 40 Pages Per Minute (PPM). The 1 GHz dual core processor combined with 1 GB of memory reduces completion time of even the heaviest print and copy jobs. High speed and performance enable businesses to speed up document processing to stay efficient.

The Samsung ProXpress M4075FX copying documents in rapid succession.

Higher-Quality Print Output

Rendering Engine for Clean Page (ReCP) technology makes printed documents more readable by enhancing thin lines and sharpening the edges of negative text. Small text that may not scan completely is also sharpened. The ProXpress M4075FX delivers sharp, solid prints and scans with effective output print resolutions of up to 1200 × 1200 dpi.

  • High-resolution print comparison between conventional Samsung printers and the Samsung ProXpress M4075FX and Edge enhancement printed comparison between conventional Samsung printers and the Samsung ProXpress M4075FX.
  • Enhanced thin lines and small text printed comparison between conventional Samsung printers and the Samsung ProXpress M4075FX and Remove halftone patterns printed comparison between conventional Samsung printers and the Samsung ProXpress M4075FX.

Additional Printing Choices For Professional Documents

The printers’ multipurpose tray supports media of up to 220 GSM (grams per square meter) in weight, which offers more printing choices for professional documents. Numerous labels, cards and envelopes can be printed using the multi-purpose tray with ease. This ability virtually eliminates the time it takes to feed sheets one at a time.

The Samsung ProXpress M4075FX's multipurpose tray accommodates various papers, cards and envelopes.

Boost Efficiency With Simple, Yet Powerful Performance Features

Diverse Web-connected Solutions That Raise Productivity

XOA Web platform supports an array of server-based productivity solutions to meet specific business needs. From the UI, users can tap into a robust lineup of web-connected solutions to increase their business performance. From the server, printer network managers can easily install and manage custom solutions to improve efficiency and workflow.

XOA Web Platform supports of the Samsung ProXpress M4075FX .

Comfortably Sized Touchscreen GUI

Easy To Use

Designed for simple and intuitive operation the M4025NX saves you precious time and effort.

  • Someone is inserting the USB memory stick to Samsung ProXpress M4075FX .
  • Direct USB Printing
    Easily print images and documents directly from a USB memory stick With the intuitive menu and navigation keys.

Reduce Operating Expenses With Economical Features And Solutions

Convenient Document Sharing Through The Cloud

Samsung Scan2Cloud promotes convenient document sharing using the cloud for efficient office communication. Documents can be saved to various cloud storage sites, including the Google Drive™ online storage service, Dropbox or Evernote.

Samsung Xpress M4075FX Scan2Cloud use of a various cloud storage is the processing of sharing.

Professional Eco Solution

One Touch Eco button
Businesses can lower toner and paper usage with the One Touch Eco Button. The One Touch Eco Button automatically activates 2-up printing (two pages on the same side) and duplex printing (printing on both sides). Users can also choose the option to skip blank pages in the Toner Saving Mode. These eco settings can be adjusted using Easy Printer Manager.
The Eco button of the Samsung ProXpress M4075FX GUI.
  • 2-up Printing
    Fits two or more document pages on
    one sheet to reduce paper use.
  • Toner Saving Mode
    Fits two or more document pages
    on one sheet to reduce paper use.
  • Duplex Printing
    Prints on both sides of the paper to
    reduce paper use.
  • Skipping Blank Pages
    Prints only pages with text or images
    to avoid paper waste.

Easy Eco Driver

Save up to 20 percent on printer toner with Samsung’s Easy Eco Driver. This useful software also reduces paper and energy consumption by giving users the option to remove unnecessary text and images, converting them from bitmap to sketches. The Easy Eco Driver is the recipient of the 2012 Outstanding Achievement in Innovation Award from Buyers Laboratory (BLI).

Remove images, convert bitmap to sketch, remove small lines and remove text with the Easy Eco Driver. Samsung Eco Driver received the 2012 Outstanding Achievement Award from Buyers Lab, Inc.

Pictured left is the original document. On the right is the final printout with converted images and text.

Central Print Usage Control To Save More Resources

Central print usage control, activated through the SyncThru™ Admin job accounting feature, enables managers to assign users to specific printers. Users can also be assigned quotas for the number of pages or copies they can make per printer.

The Samsung ProXpress M4075FX and The Sync Thur™ Admin screen.

More Laser Toner Cartridge Options, More Choices For Cost Reduction

ProXpress M4075FX offers diverse toner cartridge options from standard-yield toner cartridges that typically yield 3,000 standard pages to ultra-high yield toner cartridges that can yield 15,000 standard pages, which meets every businesses’ needs for reducing cost per page.
A separated toner system features a imaging unit and toner cartridge that are sold as separate units, enabling either part to be replaced when necessary. This Separated toner system is the preferred choice for cost-conscious businesses with low printing volumes.

Toner boxes demonstrating the maximum yield of the Samsung ProXpress M4075FX .

Product Configuration

Internal configurations of the Samsung ProXpress M4075FX : Toner Cartridge. Right side configurations of the ProXpress M4075FX :  USB Port (Host), Network Port, USB Port (Device), Power Switch and Power Connector. Configurations of the Samsung ProXpress M4075FX :Reverse Automatic Document Feeder, Scanner Glass, 4.3” Color touch screen, Control Panel, Direct USB, Paper Tray and Second Cassette Feeder (Option).