Samsung OLED TV

To move Interactive Bar, push the Right or Left arrow keys on the keyboard or drag the mouse. You will be able to magnify or demagnify pictures of the conventional TV and the OLED TV in order to compare their picture qualities.

tv frame
bad quality image

OLED Picture Quality

Blur-less Motion

Watch the excitement of movies, videos, and television come to life. A higher response refresh rate enables the seamless display of action sequences, giving viewers a level of fluidity and clarity that has yet to be seen.
good quality image
white line
Drag the bar or press the left or right arrow key
drag to induce button
Conventional TV
A still cut of a male hockey player is shown on OLED TV. The dim right screen with an afterimage in the frame of a conventional TV is compared with the clear picture quality of the left screen of the OLED TV.