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Samsung ST5500

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The ST5500 comes packed with enough innovative features and performance perks to satisfy all of your compact
camera needs. From taking a self-portrait for your favorite social networking site to filming with fun effects, the ST5500
makes it simple. With a vivid 3.7” Wide 1,152K AMOLED Touch screen LCD , preserving any moment in a photograph
or HD video is as simple as it is brilliant. And its advanced wireless connectivity capabilities make sending, posting and
uploading any of those moments unbelievably easy.

Iconic looks. Innovative performance.

The ST5500's design is the sum of amazingly useful yet stunningly stylish innovations that make it stand out from the crowd. Innovations like the Slanted Shutter, designed to comfortably fit your finger, or the handsome oversized lens that lets you aim in style. The ST5500's body is accented by fluid, hydro-formed lines. And its self-standing Posture 7° physique makes taking those tricky self-portraits a snap.


Instantly share your
favorite moments.

Send a silly self-portrait to your best friend, upload a video of your Dad
dancing to YouTube, or browse your best shots on your big screen TV.
And do it all wirelessly. Here's how. Just use the ST5500's Bluetooth to
instantly send a photo to another mobile phone. Or rely on the Wi-Fi
capability to email it directly from the camera or upload it
seamlessly to Picassa, Facebook, YouTube, and
samsungimaging.com. You can even upload a video you
just shot to YouTube. And with its ALLShare* technology,
you can actually manage, view and share your photos
conveniently from the couch by connecting wirelessly
to your big-screen TV.
* AllShare stands for the wireless content sharing
function between DLNA(Digital Living Network Alliance)
certificedTM devices.

Enjoy a whole new viewing

When you're looking at brilliant 1,152K high-resolution images through a 3.7" Wide 1,152K AMOLED Touch Screen LCD, you know your photos are going to be something special. The display offers an expansive 180º viewing angle, not to mention ultra-vivid colors—even  when there's glare or less than ideal lighting
 conditions. Plus it reduces image blurring too. This way you can
 accurately visualize exactly what your picture will look like.
 And with its quick response time, you never have to wait for
 images to appear on the screen.

HD movies in the palm of your hand

Imagine having HD video recording capabilities in a camera that fits in the palm of your
hand. One that delivers impressive 720p HD quality video at 30 frames per second. With
the H.264 format that offers recording time 2 times longer than MPEG-4 and 4 times longer
than MJPEG video. And this camera lets you get creative – just use one of its many cool
effects, such as sketch mode. Then hook it up to any HDTV or HD monitor with an HDMI
and you're ready to share all the HD action.

Cool effects make every photo unique

Samsung's Smart Filter, lens effect, delivers an artistic edge to your still shots and videos. The Miniature filter gives your subjects a miniaturized look, the Vignetting filter delivers a strikingly strong compositional contrast, and our Fish-eye filter gives your video that cool distorted feel. So get creative and get Samsung.

The simple way to go pro

Turn any moment into a perfect memory. And a professional-looking photo. Whether it's a few friends from last night's party or the moon reflecting off the lake, Smart Auto 2.0 (Still & Movie) instantly analyzes key elements of your composition then auto-matically adjusts to capture the perfect shot with multitude of different photo modes and movie modes. And since life isn't a still life, the camera's object tracking feature captures those subjects that just don't, or won't, stand still.

Shake, rattle or stroll

Even the tiniest shake can ruin your shot. Dual Image Stabilization solves that. Samsung has combined the revolutionary technology of their ultimate Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) mechanism with the advanced algorithms of Digital Image Stabilization (DIS). Giving you sharp images no matter the condition. Whether it's low light, zooming or just a case of plain old shaky hands, your photos come out sharp and clear. So let your Samsung camera shake things up. In a good way.

Tilt it, gesture with it, and you'll control it

The Smart Gesture UI makes managing your photos a very moving experience. Its built-in acceleration sensor turns your gestures into commands. Just tilt it to one side or the other to scroll through your photos — without even pressing a button! Don't like how a photo came out? Just draw an “X” on the screen or rotate it and – poof! – it's deleted. Easily change modes and create slideshows simply and button-free.


Smart Face Recognition

Built with Samsung's innovative Smart Face Recognition technology, the ST5500 automatically adjusts the focus and exposure on up to 20 faces. Or, let the camera select the most photographed faces in your photo album to focus on. Smart Face Recognition also lets you quickly search for people in your album without having to go through every single photo. having to go through every single photo.


Smart Album

Smart Album automatically organizes your photos by type, date, color, week, and face so that you can find that one particular shot amongst 2,000. It does the looking for you. In fact, it can even do a face search!