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search help

requiring or excluding terms

The Search has a simple query syntax that gives you the pinpoint search power without having to remember complex queries. Use the logical operators AND, OR, NOT and ADJ (adjacent).

For example, if you're looking for plain paper laser fax machines made by companies other than SAMSUNG:
(laser ADJ fax machine) AND (plain OR (laser ADJ fax)) AND NOT (SAMSUNG OR SAMSUNG Electronics)

The complex query above may also be typed into the search box as:
+"laser fax machine" color "plain paper" -SAMSUNG, -SAMSUNG Electronics

This query specifies that:

All returned documents must contain the phrase "laser fax machine"
Documents containing one or more of the terms "laser fax machine" or "plain paper" will be ranked at the top
(the more terms matched, the higher the ranking)
None of the documents returned will contain either SAMSUNG or SAMSUNG Electronics