A Printer for the Mobile Lifestyle

May 03, 2012

A Printer for the Mobile Lifestyle

You live a mobile life. Your smartphone, laptop, and tablet keep you productive on the go. So why should you need to plug in when it’s time to print? With the right printer and Samsung’s MobilePrint app, you no longer have to. Cut the cords of conventional printing to discover greater flexibility, collaboration, and mobility.

A Wi-Fi-enabled printer and the Samsung MobilePrint app allow mobile users to print wirelessly from a supported mobile device. Wi-Fi printers like the Samsung ML-2165W, MFP SCX-3405W, and MFP SCX-3405FW help keep mobile users truly mobile. Here’s how:

Quick Connection, No Driver Needed

Now that you’re accustomed to near-instantaneous app downloads, it would feel like a step backward to deal with a cumbersome print driver installation or complex network configuration. Instead, just download the Samsung MobilePrint app. It connects via Wi-Fi to automatically detect nearby compatible Samsung printers, without requiring any additional installation or configuration. MobilePrint also supports wired network printers, to simplify even a conventional desktop configuration.

Full Features, Even on the Go

MobilePrint—compatible with both Android OS and iOS devices—lets you enjoy many of the most-used features of your desktop printing software, without the desktop. Define a page range; see a print preview; adjust the number of copies; set paper size, orientation, color mode, and paper type. Maintain ultimate print control, right from your mobile device.

Quick Printouts for Busy Lives

It’s convenient to be able to access items like group-buying coupons, concert tickets, and boarding passes directly from your smartphone, but you still typically need to hand over a printed copy before they’ll let you into that restaurant, stadium, or airplane. No problem: Just connect your smartphone to your printer via MobilePrint, and you’ll have your printout in hand in no time.

Take Your Photos From Phone to Frame

You may have hundreds of photos stored on your mobile device, but when it comes to your most treasured pictures, there’s no substitute for a printed photograph. Use MobilePrint to browse your device’s photo gallery and select images to print. The easy-to-use interface makes it simple to select as few or as many as you want.

Take a Social Media Snapshot

Capture a moment on the ever-changing Internet by printing contents directly from your or your friends’ Facebook (photos, wall, news feed) or Twitter accounts (twitpic, timeline), or by printing Web page contents, all with the convenience of a single touch.

Turn Paper Into Data, Wirelessly

Don’t get slowed down lugging around unnecessary paper. Models with scan capability let you scan documents to your smartphone, tablet, or laptop wirelessly—no need to scan to a desktop first. Options such as color mode, preview, quality, and file type give you the same control over your scanned documents that you’d have through desktop software.

Connect and Collaborate

With MobilePrint installed on your device, you’re also ready to connect to another user’s compatible printer. Print work documents while you collaborate in a coworker’s cubicle, or print photos on the spot for relatives while visiting their home. Printing directly from your own mobile device makes for a faster and more efficient process than a convoluted data transfer via email or memory stick.

In an increasingly mobile, wireless world, you shouldn’t have to reach for a cord just because you need to make a printout. Count on a printer with wireless capability and a feature-rich printing app to keep you on the go.