Eco-Friendly Printing at Work

May 03, 2012

Eco-Friendly Printing at Work

Want to help your office achieve eco-friendly printing without giving up performance or convenience? Learn how the right monochrome laser printer can reduce energy usage and save your business time and money.

Given the choice, most people would prefer to be more eco-friendly at work. But if achieving that goal interferes with productivity—or tries their patience—they’re unlikely to sustain their environmental efforts. Samsung’s monochrome laser printers make it easy to spend less time, money, and energy on printing without sacrificing convenience or performance.

On-the-Button Savings

Eco-friendly adjustments that are hard to understand or use usually end up benefiting neither the environment nor your business. Samsung printers such as the SCX-3405FW, ML-2955DW, and SXC-4729FW feature a simple Eco Mode button. Eco Mode uses two- or four-up printing to fit more onto each page. It also switches the printer to Toner Save mode and skips any blank pages. The results are significantly reduced paper and toner usage, which means lower overall carbon dioxide emissions in the long run.

It’s easy to slack off on environmental improvements when you don’t know how much effect they’re having. With Samsung’s Easy Eco Driver, you can test various printer settings to find out what works best for your office. As you adjust the settings, a simulator approximates how they will affect your usage of paper, toner, and electricity, your overall costs, and your carbon dioxide emissions.

Fast, Quiet, and Wireless

Faster printing isn’t just about smoother workflow. It’s also directly related to energy consumption. The sooner your print job is completed, the less energy the job will consume. For example, the Samsung ML-2955DW’s combination of low power consumption during a print job and fast 29ppm printing can mean dramatic energy savings over time.

A noisy printer that has to be moved to an out-of-the-way corner of the office has the effect of lengthening every print job, since it takes longer for staff to walk to the printer to get their documents. (And no, that doesn’t qualify as an employee fitness program.) Because it’s wireless, prints at a quiet 50 dbA, and has a compact design, the ML-2955DW can be placed where it makes the most sense for the people who use it the most.

Two-Sided Printing That Works

The intention to use both sides of every page is admirable, but it often causes more trouble than it’s worth—unless you have a printer that’s built for it. Reusing a bin full of dog-eared pages that have been printed on one side can lead to paper jams and even maintenance problems. Not to mention those times when you think you’ve printed a hundred-page document successfully, only to find that pages 73 through 90 had already been printed on both sides.

Such mishaps lead people to avoid the trouble entirely and go back to single-sided printing. Happily, built-in duplexing isn’t just for monolithic enterprise printers anymore. The ML-2955DW helps you use both sides without the headaches. As a result, users become more likely to choose that option every time.

In the real world, the most effective way to achieve a more eco-friendly workplace isn’t talking up its importance for the planet. It’s making sure environmental improvements are easy to use and good for business. The right printer can give you that combination, along with uncompromising performance.