Samsung Canada Youth Editors: Capturing Their Journeys

Jan 29, 2013

Meet our On Campus Youth Editors 2013

Back in January, 17 Canadian students joined the ranks of the global Samsung Youth Editors – an international initiative from Samsung that recognizes exceptional youth on an international level. Samsung Canada set each student up with an ATIV Smart PC Pro and a $1000 sponsorship package to help them get their big ideas off the ground. From student conferences and concerts to charity fundraisers, and even a city race, the Youth Editors’ big ideas have begun to take shape.

The Youth Editors program involved 3 checkpoint challenges for the Youth Editors to complete as they worked towards making their big ideas a reality. From charity fundraisers to benefit concerts, there was no limit to what these Youth Editors were able to achieve. You can check out the promotional videos they created for their big ideas here.

The ATIV Smart PC Pro was there every step of the way to help each of the Youth Editors stay organized, think creatively and document their journeys. Students used the ATIV Smart PC Pro to create digital scrapbooks, club videos, blueprints, and even a 3D project design.

Samsung Canada is pleased to recognize each of the Youth Editors as true movers and shakers on campus. Have a look at some of the awesome things our Youth Editors achieved over the past 3 months:


Andrew, University of Toronto: Through the Youth Editors program, Andrew started a new charitable initiative at UofT called Friends of Sick Kids to benefit Sick Kids Hospital. Earlier this month, Andrew hosted a charity fundraiser to kick-start his new organization.

Anna, McMaster University: Anna was able to ramp up the DeGroote Marketing Association’s annual Mars Mix Conference and increased awareness for her event, attracting more student attendees from McMaster. Our very own James Politeski, President of Samsung Canada, was one of the many speakers who attended the Mars Mix Conference.

Brad, Wilfred Laurier University: Brad shared his passion for debate with students on 3 university campuses in Southeastern Ontario by hosting the first ever Laurier Open Novice Debate Tournament at WLU.

Bronson, University of Waterloo: Bronson kicked-off Project Bike-Away BBoy, a breakdancing initiative, with 2 dance-inspired events on campus. Bronson will be biking from Toronto to Vancouver this summer and sharing his passion for the BBoy-style of dance along his way.

Bruno, University of British Columbia: Bruno raised the profile of his new charitable club, Project Paraguay - an initiative that seeks to bring clean water to communities in Paraguay. Bruno gained the support of his campus and community by hosting an attempt to break the world record for the largest group of people walking with water jugs on their heads.

Clarke, University of Regina: Clarke launched Tunes for Terra, a new campus initiative that hosts concerts for up-and-coming local artists. The proceeds from the concerts go directly to the Nature Conservancy of Canada.

Eleizer, St. Mary’s University: Eleirzer reunited past and present Habitat for Humanity members for an awards ceremony after a recent trip to Florida where the team helped build homes for families in need.

Elena, Seneca College: Elena organized the first ever Voices 2013 public speaking competition for post-secondary students in the GTA. Through the Youth Editors program, Elena was able to share her passion for the spoken word with students from all over Toronto.

Gabriel, York University: Gabriel made this year’s African Students Association year end gala, Afrique Couleur, one of the most memorable events of the year. He was able to sell out the show and get more students involved than ever before.

Loc, Ryerson University: Loc and other Ryerson industrial engineering students hosted a competition and awards ceremony for high school students to introduce them to all the possibilities a degree in engineering can offer.

Matt, Southern Alberta Institute of Technology: Matt hosted a year-end social to thank current members, as well as to recruit new members for his new initiative: the SAIT Ski&Snowboard club.

Michel, Western University: Michel helped the Western Ontario Organization of Filipinos pull together the best Barrio Fiesta showcase her campus has ever seen. As a Youth Editor, Michel was able to hold a photo shoot for all the performers and spread the word about the upcoming show.

Travis, University of Saskatchewan: Travis used the Youth Editor sponsorship to help bring the University of Saskatchewan Space Design Team closer to achieving their big idea – building a lunar excavator to launch into space!

Zac, University of Waterloo: Zac held Waterloo’s first ever Sports and Entertainment Round Table with some well-known industry guests. Through this roundtable, Zac was able to introduce students to non-traditional accounting careers to demonstrate the power of a degree in accounting.