PCoIP Technology: What You Need to Know

Dec 22, 2011

PCoIP Technology: What You Need to Know

Better data security and virtually zero management with PC-over-IP —Looking for an easy, affordable way to outfit and manage a fleet of desktop computers and workstations? Consider simplifying your workload by deploying Teradici® PCoIP technology-based solutions, which moves all your data and applications to host servers and desktops that are centrally managed in a secure data center.

Published September 16, 2010

Data Stays Where it Belongs

In a PCoIP environment, the remote workstation or server handles the processor-intensive computing work. Then the PCoIP protocol securely transmits all the necessary data over a standard IP network to a “zero client” device back at the user’s desk. Despite their low cost and bare-bones approach, these zero client devices (such as an integrated all-in-one PCoIP monitors) deliver no-compromise PC-like performance—j without any of the hassles commonly associated with managing a network of desktops.

PCoIP zero clients used in a VMware View environment can typically support full high-definition (HD) displays and all desktop video codes and formats, allowing for a full enterprise desktop. The PCoIP protocol also supports GPU accelerated workstations, for full-frame-rate 3D graphics, and high performance HD media. Whether you use VMware View virtual desktops or high performance PCoIP workstations, PCoIP zero clients are equipped with USB ports for connecting a keyboard, mouse, and other peripherals.

Security You Can Count On

Using a PCoIP zero client lets you consolidate all your IT resources into the data center, virtually does away with desktop maintenance, and eliminates security risks associated with transmitting data across a network or leaving data on remote hard drives. The PCoIP protocol is fully encrypted to ensure the highest security. Since zero clients have no CPU, operating system, or device drivers, they don’t need anti-virus or anti-malware protection, either.

Anyone Can Get On

PCoIP zero client devices, like Samsung's cloud computing displays (NC190-1 and NC240), support any user type, from task worker to extreme 3D workstation, in a single desktop appliance. For instance, architectural users can provide suppliers and contractors with remote access to large data sets secured in the data center. CAD companies can eliminate heat and noise, free up space at the desk, and contain large data set transfers exclusively within the data center.

Data security, imagery, and full compatibility are key drivers in government sectors, such as the military. And financial companies can rely on zero clients to secure customer data, simplify regulatory compliance, and facilitate disaster recovery and business continuity.

It's the Ultimate Desktop Solution

All-in-one monitors and other PCoIP zero clients deliver low-power, fan-less alternatives to the traditional desktop PC at the lowest cost. They're fast and safe, because the PCoIP protocol transmits only changing pixels across a standard IP network—and both compresses and encrypts the data.

It’s the ultimate desktop solution: IT administrators eliminate desktop security and management headaches; users get to enjoy a high fidelity computing experience without the bulk and noise of a conventional PC on their desks; and business management gets to revel in the cost savings.

Think of it as a “win-win-win” situation.