Smart Media Players

Dec 22, 2011

A girl listening to music on her Samsung Galaxy S Wi-Fi media player

The day of the three-ring notebook is long gone. In the Internet era, a new generation of versatile media players puts power and fun in the hands of students—and their parents.

These portable powerhouses are more than music and video players. Thanks to the Android operating system, Samsung Galaxy Player offers handy tools to help students’ record lectures, manage busy schedules, read electronic textbooks, conduct research and communicate with teachers and classmates via email, voice and video conferencing. And, of course, media players can deliver a universe of great music ,video and games when class is out.

Research Assignments from Anywhere

For today’s students, being connected is everything. With Wi-Fi, web browsing and support of a full range of apps from the Android Market™, Samsung’s stylish line of Galaxy Player media players makes learning more than just a chore. Students are free to power through homework assignments whether they’re in the dorm room or a café. Need to check a quick fact? Use Google Search and find your answer in an instant.

Organize the School Day

Life as a student can be complicated. The routine includes numerous classes in different locations, at different times on different days—not to mention extracurricular activities, social events and employment responsibilities. The Samsung Galaxy Player organizes busy schedules with an integrated calendar and keeps students on track with a built-in alarm clock. And with the Google Maps™ app, students will never get lost on the way to an off-campus engagement.

Keep in Touch

The Samsung Galaxy Player taps into major email providers and social networks like Facebook, so students are never out of touch with faculty, friends and family. And with integrated internet calling technology, it doubles as a phone whenever it’s within range of a Wi-Fi network—no expensive calling plan required.

Hit the Books

Completing assignments on time can be one of the most daunting educational requirements. The pocket-sized Samsung Galaxy Players makes it possible to download assignments, turn in homework and polish term papers on the go. Samsung’s ThinkFree productivity application lets students organize and edit documents without having to turn on a computer. In addition, the ability to download eBooks from the Android Market™ can minimize the number of heavy textbooks crowding the backpack.

Sneak in a Workout

Listening to music can turn an arduous physical workout into a pleasant diversion. Galaxy Players are light enough to clip on while running or exercising. And a built-in timer makes workouts more effective.

Get Your Entertainment On

Entertainment has never been so portable. With the Samsung Galaxy Player students can take their favourite TV shows, movies and games wherever they go. Its screen features ultra-bright backlighting, while the sound system belies its compact form factor. The player doubles as a TV remote control and built-in AllShare technology wirelessly displays videos on any big-screen TV that includes AllShare support.