Samsung NX Series: A New Camera Standard

Dec 22, 2011

Samsung NX camera

The NX Series is redefining what it means to have a digital camera and what it means to be a photographer. Get real-time feedback when adjusting camera settings on a lightweight, compact interchangeable lens camera system, filled with dozens of cutting-edge features, and you’re set to take beautiful photos even before you press the shutter.

Published: November 11, 2010

More Trial, Less Error

When taking a picture, there’s no better way to know if it’s what you actually want than to see the result before everyone says “Cheese!” With Samsung’s revolutionary iFunction lens, not only is it possible, it’s easy. When you press the iFunction button on the side of the lens, you’ll see in real-time exactly how each setting affects your photo through the vivid 3” AMOLED screen.

The instant feedback allows you to tweak settings without wasting pictures and eliminate guesswork that comes with manual settings on other cameras. You focus on framing an amazing artistic moment or capturing a beautiful scene instead of fumbling with confusing camera options. Plus, the instant feedback helps you grasp the result of each setting so you gain a deeper understanding of your photos and photography in general.

Big-camera Sensor, Small-camera Body

A larger camera sensor means you get more image data with each shot, resulting in crisper and more vivid images, especially in low light. So with the NX series, we beefed up the sensor.

Stroll through the city and snap picturesque shots that look like they were done by a professional. Capture those precious moments with brilliant detail so you can relive them again and again. You take photos to remember a place, a time, an emotion—shouldn’t your photos be remarkably accurate?

Even though many compact digital cameras and cameras touted as professional-grade use a smaller sensor to reduce the camera size, the NX cameras pack a larger sensor without being much bigger than regular point-and-shoot cameras. The power to take high-quality photos is still in the palm of your hand...literally!

Room to Grow

For even greater control over your photos, you can add one of a growing family of interchangeable lenses, including the 20mm Pancake Lens for extra clean shots not requiring zoom and the 20-50mm lens for mid-range shots, both of which come with the iFunction feature.

Meet the Family

The NX200

The new kid on the block. The NX200 captures photos that are rich and detailed in 20.3MP as well as smooth, dynamic full HD videos. Learn more about the NX200.

The NX11

Introducing the NX11 with 14.6 megapixels, Supersonic Dust Reduction technology and APS-C sized CMOS sensor—which delivers the utmost image quality with rich, natural colour. Small enough to take anywhere, the perfectly compact NX11 with an 18-55mm OIS interchangeable lens maximizes portability. Its advanced technology includes Fast and Precise AF (Auto Focus) and a 3.0” AMOLED display for outstanding colour reproduction. The result is photos as spectacular as you imagined them. Learn more about the NX11.

The NX Series combines the latest in camera design and engineering to give you a set of products compact enough to carry with you for capturing an unexpected moment, yet equipped with iFunction real-time preview and a big-camera sensor to deliver beautiful results. With the NX Series, we’ve put careful consideration into everything that happens before you press the shutter, so that what happens afterwards is nothing short of memorable.