The NS Series Cloud Display is a superior monitor that will transform your office environment. Its sleek and contemporary design together with its separate thin client box allows a much more efficient use of desk space. The all-in-one design incorporates an LED backlight to give you images with high contrast levels and excellent colour saturation, and Samsung Cloud Display enhances the desktop productivity. Its low-energy consumption means that it is an eco-friendly and cost-effective option.

LED Panel

Make sure your environmental impact is a positive one. Samsung’s Cloud Display uses innovative LED Back Light Unit (BLU) technology which saves energy—up to 40% compared to conventional CCFL screens. What’s even better is this LED panel is halogen- and mercury-free, so you’ll help conserve our planet’s natural resources and reduce carbon emissions.

Monitor remote management S/W

Samsung’s Cloud Monitor delivers amazing levels of convenience by using the remote management software of MagicRMS Pro. It delivers a more centralised operation and saves administrators the time and hassle associated with physically having to visit each device for routine checks. Other benefits include real-time device status monitoring, an efficient and accurate inventory process and finally remote upgrading of firmware to all devices. With so many standout benefits for day-to-day operations, the MagicRMS software really is essential to any efficient office environment.