Just like other businesses that provide digital entertainment, hospitals require reliable, premium-quality in slim, light full-color TVs. In addition, hospitals have special requirements to meet the health and convenience needs of patients while effectively managing content and displays at the same time. Exceed these expectations with Samsung HB673 Series displays providing home-like healing environment for patients and cost-effective management tools for your hospital operation.

Provide high-quality patient room displays specifically designed for hospital use

Provide your patients with a home-like healing environment with Samsung HB673 Series displays. HB673 Series displays are tested by Underwriter Laboratories and UL-listed, to meet your stringent safety standards for use in patient rooms. Incorporated with the Samsung’s leading LED technology, the displays also provide unparalleled viewing experience with mercury-free, slim and light design while requiring less power consumption and reducing environmental impacts compared with conventional cold cathode fluorescent lamp (CCFL) displays.

Bring home-like comfort to patients’ rooms with a pillow speaker

You can offer patients a convenient way to enjoy TV without bothering other patients or visiting guests. HB673 Series displays are compatible with pillow speakers embedded in a pillow for comfortable listening. Patients can enjoy entertainment in their rooms by hearing their TVs easily without headphones, preventing the intrusion of loud sets. In addition, auxiliary functions of pillow speakers enable patients to control lighting, temperature, drapes, and customized nurse call for their convenience.

Simplify display and content control for more satisfied patients with LYNK REACH™

HB673 Series displays include the Samsung’s advanced LYNK™ REACH solution, which helps your hospital improve operational efficiency while decreasing TCO. By implementing the Samsung LYNK™ REACH and REACH Server, you can use an existing coaxial cable with no need for set-top-boxes or IP infrastructure separately.
With LYNK™ REACH solution’s simple and intuitive user interface, you can experience advanced display manageability, which helps you easily program content on hundreds of displays from one central location. You can also create and edit in-room content such as hospital information, directory or doctors’ schedules for your hospital visitors’ and patients’ convenience.

Reduce operating costs with energy-saving features

Built-in energy-saving features help you contain costs and protect the environment:
• Energy Saving Mode reduces the brightness of HB673 Series displays with three predefined power settings to adjust the amount of energy used by each TV for increased cost-efficiency.
• ENERGY STAR® certification ensures each display is highly energy efficient.

Provide individual controls over multiple TVs without interference

For hospital areas where multiple TVs are in close proximity, your patients and hospital visitors need to control and watch TV content without annoying interference from other remote signals. With the Samsung multi-code remote, they can enjoy TV content by controlling only the TV that they’re watching without interrupting other TVs in the area. The Samsung multi-code remote can control up to 10 TVs individually in the same room.

Hospital logo and welcome messages

Enhance your hospital’s brand awareness while greeting your patients and visitors with a unique hospital logo and customizable messages. Hospitals can display their logos and greetings on screen for an adjustable period of 3 to 7 seconds whenever their patients turn on the TV.

Multi-code Remote

Increase guests’ TV-viewing enjoyment by eliminating annoying interference from other remote signals in applications, such as hotel fitness centers, where multiple TVs are in close proximity. The multi-code remote can control up to 10 TVs individually in the same room.

Remote Jack Pack compatibility

Enable patients to plug and play content from personal devices on a large TV screen with Remote Jack Pack and Samsung Hospitality TV compatibility. It detects the connection interface and automatically converts it to an optimized source, transmitting inputs as High-Definition Multimedia Interface® outputs.

Channel Editor

Easily manage and arrange the channel mix for both analogue and digital channels. There is no need to adjust and edit channel lists by different TV systems when organizing channels with Samsung Channel Editor. Reorder and rename channels to your hospital’s preference with channel mapping.

Sound Bar compatibility

Couple a Samsung hospitality TV with a Sound Bar to let patients truly enjoy hearing their programming. Connected by a High-Definition Multimedia Interface® cable, settings are automatically applied, making installation a breeze. A single remote lets patients have full control over both the TV and Sound Bar.