Hotel stays can be made more memorable for your guests with Samsung HB670 Series TVs. Designed to provide outstanding picture quality and immersive sound, the slim, elegantly designed Samsung hospitality TVs can exceed guests’ expectations while making them feel at home. With a wide range of useful features to enhance the entertainment experience in your rooms, the Samsung HB670 Series will be more than just a TV for your guests. Combined with easy management and content deployment solutions, Samsung HB670 Series TVs will help satisfy your guests’ needs and enhance the perception of your hotel.

Indulge your guests with an enriching guestroom experience

Enhance the guestroom experience with the world’s #1 selling premium TV. Samsung HB670 Series features a subtly elegant profile with super-slim bezel to blend in with the stylish hotel room environment, ready to provide your guests with the comfort they would have at home with superb quality display and easy-to-use user interface. Entertainment in the room will become more enjoyable for your guests with the dynamic, enriched sound of HB670 Series.

A style and viewing experience that will captivate the eye

The HB670 Series, featuring a streamlined design with a significantly slimmer bezel and enhanced thickness compared to prior models, is sure to heighten and complement the ambiance of your guest rooms. The attractively sleek devices can add style to any of your guest rooms. With its larger screen real estate, the HB670 Series can provide a richer, highly enjoyable viewing experience for your guests to immerse in. The Series also comes with an embedded software clock, which will help your guests manage their time. The clock is able to be run even when the TV is on stand-by mode, with a single touch of a button.

One cost-efficient display solution to meet all your needs

Able to create and edit in-room marketing content such as hotel information and promotional offers, Samsung LYNK™ REACH enables hotel managers to easily manage hundreds of TVs simultaneously at a central location with its intuitive user interface, using the coaxial infrastructure for increased efficiency. Without the need to purchase additional set-top boxes, hotels can benefit from lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and be freed from the need for continuous management and maintenance. In addition, the security of television content is guaranteed with the Samsung LYNK DRM solution.

Software Clock

Guests can check the current time on the TV with the press of a button using remote control, even when the TV is not turned on.

Sound Bar Compatibility

Couple the Samsung Hospitality TV with a Sound Bar for your guests to enjoy hearing their programming even more. Connected by an HDMI cable, settings are automatically applied, making installation a breeze. A single remote control is all that is necessary for guests to have total control over both the TV and Sound Bar for an immersive surround-sound experience.

SI Compatibility

Samsung Hospitality Displays are compatible with various SI protocols at purchase, saving your time and effort for setting up multiple protocols between SI-provided set-top boxes and the displays.

Hotel Logo and Welcome Messages

Greet guests and enhance your hotel brand awareness with a unique hotel logo and customizable messages, which are on screen for adjustable period of 3 - 7 seconds whenever guests turn the TV on.

Channel Editor

Hotel managers can easily manage and arrange the channel mix for both analogue and digital channels without the need to adjust and edit channel lists by different TV systems. Channels can be reordered and renamed to the hotel’s preference with channel mapping.

Multi-code Remote

For application in a hotel fitness center or other locations with multiple TVs in proximity, guests can enjoy watching TV without annoying interference from other remote signals. The multi-code remote can control up to 10 TVs individually in the same room.

My Channel

Instead of manually scanning hundreds of TV channels, guests can easily find and enjoy the programming of their choice. My Channel's quick search functionality enables guests to find channels suited to their tastes by countries and genres.

SmoovieTV® Compatibility

Derive potential revenue with SmoovieTV, a prepaid TV solution supported by the channel bank editor for setting free and premium paid channels for the guests’ selection.

Remote Jack Pack Compatibility

Compatibility between Remote Jack Packs and the Samsung Hospitality TVs enable guests to simultaneously plug-and-play content from their external devices such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones on the larger TV screen. Remote Jack Pack detects the connection interface and automatically converts it to an optimized source, transmitting every input as High-Definition Multimedia Interface® (HDMI®) output.

Headphone ID Compatibility

Samsung Hospitality Displays have a headphone socket for guests to plug headphones directly into the TV. Included Headphone ID can detect headphones connected to a bed or table in the same room, helping guests relish the luxury of listening to TV in bed or next to the table without the cumbersome need to extend the headphone cable.

Connect Share

Media entertainment including movies, music, and images come alive on the screen by simply plugging a USB drive directly into the TV.

Hospitality Stand

Guests can be provided with an excellent view of the TV from anywhere in the room with the stand’s flexible 20º, 60º and 90º swivel support. The stand is held in place with a wall mount kit helping to ensure the TV remains in place.