Discerning guests expect an in-room experience that delivers solid performance with a refined presentation.
Meet their expectations without compromising your hotel brand, cost, management and compatibility objectives with Samsung HB678 Series displays. The slim, streamlined design of these displays provides a pleasant room ambiance and superior viewing experience for your guests.
HB678 Series displays feature powerful tools such as LYNK™ solutions and LodgeNet® broadband local area network™ (b-LAN™) that simplify content management while keeping your budget low and expanding entertainment choices for your guests

Provide a premium viewing experience with stylish displays

Your guests want premium in-room entertainment. You can efficiently elevate their viewing experience with the superior performance and the elegant design of HB678 Series displays.
Designed to provide outstanding picture quality and immersive sound, the displays’ high quality and easy-to-use interface provide your guests with the comforts of home. The lightweight and unobtrusive design is slim and attractive, featuring a narrow bezel that provides more viewing area.

Expand services simply with an easy content management solution

HB678 Series displays include the efficient LYNK™ REACH solution.
Using a simple, intuitive user interface and editing tools, you can program content on hundreds of displays from one central location simultaneously. Perform edits on your desktop PCs with LYNK™ REACH and REACH Server using your existing coaxial interface for increased efficiency and cost-saving. You can also create and edit in-room marketing content, such as hotel information, promotional offers and weather, to display on a ticker with ease.

Save costs with a simple setup and ongoing energy efficiency

Setting up HB678 Series displays is straightforward. The LYNK™ REACH solution and LYNK REACH Server operate using existing coaxial cable systems. This process eliminates the need to install an Internet Protocol (IP) infrastructure or to purchase set-top-boxes (STBs).
HB678 Series displays use energy-efficient LED technology, which reduces costs by requiring less power consumption and maintenance compared with conventional cold cathode fluorescent lamp (CCFL) displays. The displays emit less carbon dioxide (CO2) and contain less mercury, halogen and lead to make recycling more efficient and environmentally friendly.

Protect content with advanced DRM technology

Enhance security with LYNK™ Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology, a software-based and cost-effective alternative to hardware-based content protection systems.
As it is a fully software-based solution, Samsung LYNK™ DRM has a high adaptability to various head-ends. Also, it is easier to implement and manage, without any hardware upgrades or changes for error management and is, therefore, more cost-efficient. In addition, HB678 Series displays are compatible with Pro:Idiom®, a hardware-based security solution. The blended solution provides flexible options for enhanced content security.*

*Note: The combination of Pro:Idiom and software-based LYNK™ SINC is offered only in North America.

Expand offerings while lowering costs with LodgeNet b-LAN technology

HB678 Series displays feature embedded communication technology, b-LAN™, which enables you to cost-effectively provide guests with a wider range of interactive content and features.
The b-LAN technology from LodgeNet Interactive Corp. supports on-demand video content, interactive services and menus, and centralized management functionality without STBs or other hardware devices. In addition, installation, setup and management are greatly simplified, further reducing expenses.


For the guest who wants to play music, watch a movie or review photos, a USB port and the Samsung ConnectShare™ application make connectivity easy. Guests simply plug in a USB drive, camera or other USB device and use the remote control to let the entertainment begin.

Hotel Logo and Welcome Messages

Enhance your hotel’s brand awareness while greeting your guests with a unique hotel logo and customizable messages. Hotels can display their logos and greetings on screen for an adjustable period of 3 to 7 seconds whenever their guests turn on the TV.

Multi-code Remote

Increase guests’ TV-viewing enjoyment by eliminating annoying interference from other remote signals in applications, such as hotel fitness centers, where multiple TVs are in close proximity. The multi-code remote can control up to 10 TVs individually in the same room.

Remote Jack Pack Compatibility

Enable guests to plug and play content from personal devices on a large TV screen with Remote Jack Pack and Samsung Hospitality TV compatibility. It detects the connection interface and automatically converts it to an optimized source, transmitting inputs as High-Definition Multimedia Interface® outputs.

USB Cloning

Simply set up multiple TVs without repeating cumbersome setting processes. Hotel managers do not have to set up each individual TVs with USB Cloning. They can easily store the settings from one TV on a USB device and then clone those settings onto other TVs.

Hospitality Stand

Provide your guests with an excellent view of the TV from anywhere in the room with a hospitality TV stand. The stand provides a flexible 20º, 60º and 90º swivel support and held in place with a wall mount kit helping to ensure the TV remains firmly in place.

Sound Bar Compatibility

Couple a Samsung hospitality TV with a Sound Bar to let guests truly enjoy hearing their programming. Connected by a High-Definition Multimedia Interface® cable, settings are automatically applied, making installation a breeze. A single remote lets guests have full control over both the TV and Sound Bar.

SmoovieTV® Compatibility

Make your hospitality TVs another source of revenue and derive potential revenue from SmoovieTV.. The Samsung hospitality TV is compatible with SmoovieTV, which is a prepaid TV solution supported by the channel bank editor setting free channels and premium paid channels for your guests’ selection.