Easy-to-install PC modules allow companies transform Samsung large format displays (LFDs) into all-inclusive digital signage solutions that best accommodate their specific business needs. The PC modules eliminate the need for an external PC and cables, maintaining a clutter-free display environment. This not only reduces equipment costs, but also facilitates efficient space management and creates a simplified environment.

Easy Maintenance

The SIM-NT Series benefit from the fact that they are extremely easy to maintain. The main difference that is highlighed is if PC embedded LFD products are damaged or can't be used, they need to be replaced completely. However, with the SIM-NT series, they can be easily and conveniently fixed and maintened, guaranteeing higher performance for longer.

Slide in Module

The Samsung Slide-in Module's slim, lightweight design eliminates the need to carry laptops or move heavy desktop computers to communicate your message. The SIM simply slides into the display easily enabling your business to customise the content of the LFD to meet unique commercial requirements. It is not necessary to dismantle the unit, and there is no additional space for a PC and messy external cables, making the SIM efficient and compact.