With high durability and performance, Samsung LEC LFD Series displays are ideal for fast-paced business environments where critical information must be conveyed 24/7. These high-performance displays present key messages on bright, anti-glare screens for comfortable viewing. In addition, these compact yet durable large format displays (LFDs) use less space and minimize clutter. Plus, you can control expenses with simple installation and connection features, lower operational costs and greater durability.

Deliver your message clearly and reliably 24 hours a day

Robust LEC Series displays provide your business the durability and performance to visually communicate to your audience 24/7. To maximize the impact of digital signage, customers must be able to clearly view pictures and read text. With exceptional brightness, LEC Series displays produce vibrant, realistic images that captivate the eye. Even in brightly lit conditions, the displays project lifelike pictures behind an anti-glare surface so that customers can comfortably view messages from different angles. With higher readability and a 24-hour operating capacity, LEC Series displays provide a compelling, reliable viewing experience for customers

Reduce TCO through lower operational costs, power consumption and greater durability

LEC Series displays can be a cost-efficient solution to businesses that need to present information continuously around-the-clock. With lower power consumption, reduced operating costs and greater durability, which decreases maintenance and replacement costs, the displays help decrease total cost of ownership (TCO). You can contain costs with these effective features:
∙ Edge-type LED LFD technology. The displays use less energy than conventional LFDs. With innovative LED BLU (backlight unit) technology, LEC Series displays also last longer and generate less heat. The need for additional cooling is reduced, and you can spend far less to promote key messages.
∙ Brightness sensor. The brightness sensor detects the amount of light in the surrounding environment and automatically adjusts the screen brightness. This feature conserves energy normally wasted on image projection.
∙ Multiple Display Control (MDC) protocol. MDC protocol technology enables you to operate multiple displays simultaneously. Reducing the labor time needed to manage multiple displays helps to reduce operating costs.
∙ Product durability. The displays’ high durability reduces maintenance and replacement costs. Optional protection glass from Samsung or third parties can be easily installed on the displays for enhanced preservation of the device.

Choose the slim display in the right size for your business

The slimmer bezel, narrower depth and lighter weight of LEC Series displays enabled by the edge type LED technology provide flexibility in design and installation. Available at a range of sizes from 32 in. to 75 in., the displays provide more options for businesses that want the same high performance for heavy, near-constant use in sizes big and small.

Safeguard displays with optional protection glass

Hazardous objects and dust can threaten the durability of LED LFDs, especially in high-traffic or industrial areas. The mechanical structure of LEC Series displays enables the installation of protection glass. Third-party service providers can supply a protective cover that meets individual business requirements.

Increase content possibilities with external content drives and the optional Samsung PIM

LEC Series displays are designed to use content from various external sources, including PCs, external hard drives and USB drives, with an optional PIM. Samsung PIMs use Intel® Open Pluggable Specification (OPS) connectivity to enable power and video source delivery through a single cable. No additional power cord is necessary. With the optional PIM installed, external clutter is reduced so that the slim design of LEC Series displays is retained.