Go green with this LED BLU panel.

Make sure your environmental impact is a positive one. Samsung LFDs use innovative LED Back Light Unit (BLU) technology which saves energy—up to 40% compared to conventional LFDs. What’s even better is this LED panel is halogen- and mercury-free, so you’ll help conserve our planet’s natural resources and reduce carbon emissions.

Slim Design & Easy Installation

Designed in a sleek manner, these new LED LFDs have slimmer depths of up to 77% reduced depth, compared to those of conventional products. This not only allows more space to be used for other uses, but also contributes to the light weight, which provides easier transportation and installation. Another key design feature to notice is the narrower bezel. Such bezel width helps the product to fit in almost any environment, and at the same time, have the audiences concentrate better on the contents running.

Non-Glare Panel & Brightness

Dont let bright, well-lit environments distract consumers from your message. The Samsung DE Sereis is designed with a glare-proof surface so that reflections created by brighter lights will not impede consumers from viewing the content on the LFD screen. By reducing the glare on the display screen, consumers can view content such as arrical and departure information quickly and easily. For an even greater visibility, the DE Series has a super-bright display of 600 nits for vibrant, life-like images that are easy to read.

Reduced Heat Emission

LED LFDs show greatly reduceed heat emission when compared to convetional display devices. By lowering the temperature form the product itself, more space is availble around the LED LFD without having to worry about your employees or any other products being exposed to large amount of heat.

Energy Efficient

With environmental regualtions strengthening their policies, the LED LFD is just what the market needs. Samsung supports the green movement by producing products that are mercury free, spray free and lead free. Also, the power consumption is greatly reduced, resulting in nearly 50% of cost savings, when compared to conventional products.

Internal Media Player

The DE Series provides you an Internal Player to enhance your busniess environment without additional costs. Without the needs of external devices such as set-back boxes or PCs, simply connect your USB device that has the contents you wish to play. This embedded media player supports various content types, as well as many video codecs, and the 800MB memory allows you to copy the files onto the display itself if necessary.

24 / 7 Professional Display

The DE Series are LED LFDs with 24 / 7 capacity. These will bring you the quality performances with extended hours, allowing you to display your contents regardless of usage time or location.