The Samsung MD Series provides an ideal and cost-effective LFD solution for your small business, and can be particularly effective in retail and leisure environments. It features all the advantages of direct LED backlighting and produces brilliantly crisp images. This model’s slim and light design ensures easy transportation and installation, while its reduced power consumption complements your business’s green strategy and lowers running costs. The MD Series also uses powerful MagicInfo Lite™ software, which includes a user-friendly scheduling function, to grant you precise control and secure management of the LFD.

Direct LED Technology

At Samsung, you get cost-effective display solutions with Direct LED technology, which is greener and more eco-friendly than CCFL lamps. The LED are situated behind the panel and the light is emitted from the rear. Its easy to fit and bright colour uniformity means that you can enjoy the same innovative LED technology.

Low Power Consumption

The Samsung MD Series deliver a cost-effective solution that's also gentle on the planet with the eco-friendly, low power consuming LED back light solution. Plus, you can optimise the conditions of your digital signage by reducing the amount of heat radiating through the actual display area. Conventional LFDs emit consistent amounts of heat across the breadth of the display while the new Samsung LFD not only minimise but centralise is around the sides of the screen. You can now enjoy low power consumption, meaning lower running costs.

Enhanced User Experience

Samsung LFDs leverage the most cutting-edge technology to provide enhanced functionality aligned to your business needs. With the built-in media player for your Samsung LFD, you can activate your display capabilities more than you ever thought possible. Built within a microchip the media player has a CPU with a powerful processing speed of 800MHz and an impressive cache size of 512KB. The inclusion of our Samsung MagicInfo Lite software enables you to run the LFD as a stand alone unit without the need of additional players.

Various Connectivity From Analogue To Digital

Access a wide range of digital content for a more engaging user experience with our comprehensive connectivity options. Connect PCs and other compatible devices to display the content that is most relevant to your audience. The MD Series lets you control your display with both Ethernet/RS-232C and remote control simultaneously. It also features a built-in LAN card, allowing users to access the network without the need for addtional devices or inffrastructure.

Reliable Digital Signage Display

Our extensive range of LFDs produces astonishing advertising solutions when used to create increasingly popular Digital Information Displays. The displays’ advanced features and widest variety of sizes will ensure reliable performance while making a compelling impact on your audience. The ultra-narrow bezels result in a superior visual experience, and they are specifically designed for both indoor and outdoor use thanks to airtight casing that protects them from dust, humidity and high temperatures.