The Samsung Galaxy MEGA is built for big jobs. With the connectivity of a smartphone and the size of a tablet, it’s the perfect device for employees that need to stay in command at all times. With its bold 6.3" HD LCD screen and fully capable Android 4.2.2 OS, it removes the need to carry around a second work device, while advanced security encryption keeps your most sensitive data safe. Carry it like a smartphone, use it like a tablet, and get the job done with the Galaxy MEGA.

A security solution that means business

Thanks to Samsung SAFE™, employees can securely access work email, calendar info, contacts and other critical information wherever they are. With On-Device Encryption to protect sensitive data, advanced VPN to connect with corporate networks, and Mobile Device Management to control device features remotely, your most sensitive data stays both accessible and secure at all times.

Tablet-style user experience

With its generous 6.3" HD LCD screen, the Galaxy MEGA gives you more than enough viewing room to comfortably control apps and review documents. It’s small enough to fit in your pocket, but big enough that you won’t strain your eyes while reading. Plus, its customizable touch screen interface allows you to organize your display so everything’s set up just the way you like it.

No-touch content previewing

Thanks to Air View, you can access content and preview folders without touching the screen. By simply hovering your finger over the device, you can instantly preview emails, text messages, photos and video galleries. It’s the perfect solution for those that need quick updates at a moment’s notice.

A comprehensive solution for work and play

Exclusively from Samsung, KNOX is a new Android-based security solution that provides the high level of device security and management demanded by today’s organizations. KNOX incorporates key technologies and hardware-level features that deliver enhanced protection for your operating system and apps, including:
• FIPS 140-2
• DoD SRG certification
• Secure Boot
• TrustZone® based Integrity

Take the office with you

The Galaxy MEGA allows you stay productive, wherever you are. It comes preloaded with Polaris Office, which lets you view, edit and create documents, spreadsheets and presentations without having to download any additional software. Use it to collaborate with other employees and review important files on the fly, then upload them back to your office from off-site locations.

Multi-tasking made easy

Boost your productivity with Multi Window. This multi-tasking feature allows employees to run two apps on the same screen, and is perfect for in-field representatives who need to complete comprehensive tasks – like surveying, inspections, and data entry – while away from their computer. And thanks to the Galaxy MEGA’s 6.3" HD LCD screen, there’s more than enough space to do two things at once.