Imagine a high-speed, high-end A4 DMFP that could centralize your printing workflow. The MultiXpress 6555N delivers fast printouts, but with full multi-function features like duplex and copying. And it features Samsung’s document management solutions like SmarThru and SyncThru. With this digital solution at the center of your business, you can eliminate your A3 DMFP and maximize your productivity. With Samsung MultiXpress 6555N, it’s not that hard to imagine.

Fast Copying

The MultiXpress 6555N produces 53 ppm in black and white. Moreover, the MultiXpress 6555N performs nearly all the copy functions that are generally operated on A3 DMFP.

Fast Printing

Printing black-and-white document at 53 ppm (simplex) and 50ppm(duplex) your workloads can be completed efficiently.The numerous standard printing features help you to print document
more easily and efficiently.

Paper Handling

Adding optional paper trays to store up to 3,240 sheets of paper at one time, reduce the frequency to refill paper.

Modular system

The modular design make it easy to replace consumables, adding accessory and/or upgrade package. For example, finisher or memory can be easily slotted onto the main device.

TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)

When compared to the TCO of general A3 office copiers the Samsung MultiXpress 6555N’s TCO can result in one of the lowest running costs in its class at an average of 10,000 prints per month [AMPV].


MultiXpress 6555N’s economical design takes up to 75% less space in your office than general A3 DMFPs so you have more room around you.

Scan to Anywhere

The MultiXpress 6555N helps to distribute document efficiently by scanning directly to email, FTP, SMB or client.

SyncThru™ Web Service

It provides administrators with the ability to change network and individual Printer settings, upgrade firmware and view network printer/MFP status.

Wide Touch Screen / UI Design

Samsung’s exclusive 800 x 480 color wide LCD touch screen and 3-dimensional UI design is very intuitive and easy to use - no manual or training required!

Convenient Design


Paper Jam

If and when a paper jam occurs the device indicates the problem area on the user display so you can simply, open the tray door to remove.

Fast Fax (Option)

The optional fax kit offers speed dial up to 200 numbers, group dial up to 100 groups (up to 200 locations per group), duplex send and receive, fax-email and many other useful features. The duplex function enable the incoming fax be printed double-sided - saving your printing cost!

Toner and Energy

With the embedded “Toner Save Mode” in the Printer driver, users can save toner by up to 25%. This is ideal for printing draft documents and
reports without seeing a dramatic reduction in print quality.

Expanded Printing

Capabilities with Hard Disk Solution - the standard 80 GB HDD ensures smooth print traffic in a busy office and print environment.

SyncThru™ Web Admin Service

SyncThru™ Web Admin service allows IT managers to easily manage and monitor all printers/MFPs on the network. The powerful feature permits job accounting, usage metering, authentication, storage management, remote driver installation and modification settings.

SmarThru™ Office

In offices with complicated network with a variety of equipment, SmarThru’s document management and editing features provide convenience and ease for users. Network scan is also provided as default.