Eco Solutions

Eco Solutions

Samsung’s Green Management Programme is a ‘green’ culture underpinned
by ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001.

Samsung processes mean eco-friendly technologies and facilities. Environmental impact is minimised.

In 2004, we created the Eco Design System (EDS) to evaluate and improve our products' environmental standards more efficiently. With this system, targets for each category are set, beginning at the initial product development stage. They are followed by subsequent evaluation processes that ensure corrections are made wherever necessary.

As well as raising the environmental quality of a product, the EDS inform stakeholders of the environmentally-friendly features of a product in a format that is easy to follow. The system links up to our quality certification system, allowing environmental factors to influence decisions on product quality.

Features and Benefits

Hazardous Waste Management

With environmental issues at the top of the agenda, we choose to carry out the manufacturing processes of all printer consumables in a safe and eco-friendly manner, in accordance with international certification standards. To help safeguard our customers and the environment, Samsung Supplies comply with RoHS regulations concerning the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances that can be found in electrical and electronic equipment. These measures ensure that you are not exposed to hazardous substances when using our products, and guarantee that none will be released into the environment when the products are disposed of.

Collecting and Recycling Programme

All of our products comply with the 2003 EU WEEE Directive, which aims to reduce the waste created by electrical and electronic equipment. By always endeavouring to use plastic in our products, we are able to adhere to ISO 11469 and ISO 1043 standards. With 3,500 parts used in the assembly of a laser printer alone, we ensure that 15% of those created during the manufacturing process are recycled.

Operational Sites

Our Eco Design System (EDS) enables us to develop more environmentally-friendly products. Additionally, we always conduct a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) to analyse the environmental weak points of a product during the design phase.

We launched our Eco-Partner Programme in 2004 to help our collaborators set up environmental management systems that would assist in the controlling of hazardous substances in all parts and raw materials.

We offer product-testing as well as training and consultation services to our Eco-Partners, who can gain certification to demonstrate that they have implemented adequate procedures and systems to control the processes used to source and produce parts and raw materials.