Eco Solutions

Eco Solutions

Samsung’s Green Management Programme is a ‘green’ culture underpinned
by ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001.

Our Life Cycle Assessment and eco-design system, considers the process from raw material to disposal.

We have developed a programme which gives customers ongoing support in their fight against climate change. In fact, we are an industry leader when it comes to adding new eco-friendly design features and manufacturing processes to our products. From energy-efficient design to user-friendly devices and recycling techniques, we take responsibility for every step of the journey.

We first introduced Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) into the design process for our laser printers in 1999. The LCA enables us to analyse the environmental impact of our products at every stage, from development, usage and transportation through to disposal and recycling. Our LCA reassures our customers that we have planned an environmentally-conscious journey for our printers from the very first stage in the design process to the very last.

Features and Benefits

NO-NOIS™ Technology

We always put our customers' peace of mind first when it comes to our products. Our NO-NOIS™ technology guarantees reduced noise pollution in the work area.

Reliable and Efficient Products

Our aim is to reduce all possible energy wastage in our products, and to minimise their strain on the environment. From the beginning of the product planning stage, we seek to comply with relevant green standards including the US Energy Star, the China Energy Mark and the Korea Energy Mark.
By consequence, our printers reduce paper waste, extend toner use. They provide a reliable hardware platform that prolongs product lifetime and cuts IT capital costs. The Samsung e-standby mode, introduced in 2006, reduces energy to less than 8Wh for colour laser printers and 3Wh for mono laser printers.

Resource Conservation

Compact and lightweight products use fewer resources, both at the manufacturing stage and the end-of-life recycling stage. High energy efficiency is another integral design feature, as well as built-in reliability standards that prolong the product's useful life and save IT rollover costs.

Reduced System Standby Power

At Samsung, we have developed innovative technology that reduces system standby power. Samsung SMPS uses input power of less than 1W, while other printers require 3-10W. This benefits you by allowing you to save power.

Colour Background Removal

The Samsung Colour Background Removal feature reduces toner consumption by removing unwanted background colours from an image. When the original image contains a coloured background, this feature detects and removes the coloured background prior to printing. The feature lets you adjust the settings to achieve the desired results, allowing you to produce cleaner copies while saving time and toner.

High Efficiency Scanner

We have developed an LED scanner module that requires less than one second to warm up at the same time as providing clearer definition than existing CCFL or Xe lamp-equipped devices. It is also Mercury(Hg)-free. We can easily replace proprietary lamps with the LED module thanks to in-built device designs that allow the light source to change as new technology has emerged.

AnyWeb Print Utility

The Samsung AnyWeb Print solution allows you to easily crop and print any type of web content. It also helps you edit and save the content that you collect. With Samsung AnyWeb Print, you can print only the web content you want, saving toner and paper.


Easy-Eco Driver, you’ll be able to accurately preview your document before printing. Adjust colour quality and other settings to meet your requirements and budget, as well as removing unnecessary text, images and other elements. Reduce wasted printouts and achieve more economically efficient printing.