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  • Two students are viewing information on a tablet and engaged in a discussion about the content onscreen.    Two students are viewing information on a tablet and engaged in a discussion about the content onscreen.


    Find out how Samsung can help you create a richer learning experience that empowers this new generation of digital natives.
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    K - 12

    A rapidly changing world requires new approaches to education that empower our students with 21st century skills.
  • Education Education


    Higher education must prepare students not only for the technological demands of the workplace, but also digital citizenship in an increasingly connected world.
  • Education Education


    Digital fluency is a necessity in today’s world—how are you keeping your workforce up to date and retaining talent?


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  • Smart Classroom Experience

    Smart Classroom Experience

    Digitally transform the classroom to encourage interactive

    • Enhance student learning with the ultimate in-classroom experience.
    • Manage individual student progress more efficiently.

    said technology has a positive impact on classrooms and the productivity of students 1

    1Center for Digital Education, A Roadmap to Digitally Delivered Education (2013)
    A teacher is uploading course content through her tablet, for her students to download through their own tablets.
    Prepare content easily to deliver dynamic learning materials
    Imagine if preparing materials for class were less time consuming, or if class content could be created on the fly. The Galaxy Tablet with Softchalk makes this possible and gives educators back time that could be better spent with students. Comprehensive lessons including various multimedia materials can smoothly interface with the Smart School solution and can be easily uploaded to the cloud. Class presentation, material distribution and management are made easier, and teachers can now focus on creating dynamic, interactive lessons for their students.
    A teacher is presenting educational content to her class through a  huge monitor, as students view lesson content on their personal computers.
    Engage students actively and dynamically to improve in-classroom learning
    Integrating mobile devices into traditional curriculums allow students to engage with subjects on a deeper level. With the Galaxy Tablet with Smart School solution, teachers can assign quizzes to check student progress or share content on their screen with the entire class. Not only that, it’s durable enough to withstand active student life but sensitive enough to allow for natural handwriting with the S-Pen. Even with larger numbers of devices over wider areas there are no problems, thanks to Samsung’s Smart WLAN Solution ensuring seamless data transfer every time.
    Students are collaborating on one big drawing on an interactive, multi-touch board.
    Collaborate effectively to nurture collective learning skills
    Teamwork and collaboration are essential to education and that’s why the E-board with Magic IWB solution seamlessly blends physical writing with all the benefits of the digital experience, without a PC connection. Built-in multi-touch capabilities promote teacher-student collaboration while built-in software shares content directly to tablets. After class, students can use their Galaxy Tablet with Smart School solution to access group discussions and use Cloud Print with Smart UX to pay and print out class materials and notes securely using their student IDs.
    A teacher views information about her students on her tablet.
    Manage each student’s progress for individualized support
    Giving students individual support and guiding their progress is much easier with the Galaxy Tablet with Smart School solution. Manage classes using the Lesson Toolbar which includes scheduling, student management, library, and app features along with the ability to check the progress of group activities. If necessary, teachers can digitally control student devices to crackdown on distractions before they get out of hand.
  • Secured Environment

    Secured Environment

    Ensure a safe and protected learning environment for students

    • Secure and manage student data and devices with enterprise-level mobile security.

    have a digital content (curriculum) strategy containing elements such as e-Textbooks, Web 2.0 tools, Instructional games and simulations, video and audio1

    1Center for Digital Education, Digital School Districts Survey (2012)
    A student is enrolling his device into his institution's security platform.
    Remotely deploy devices and solutions protected by defense-grade security
    The most frequently raised question in digital education is that of security. Samsung’s resounding answer is KNOX, the industry-recognized and trusted security platform. With KNOX, each device can be self-enrolled via a dedicated portal for secure and remote setup. Once a student enrolls their device, authorized apps can be downloaded from the school store and the device is ready for use. KNOX Quick Access extends the range of usability for the student. This solution enables users to access unlocked KNOX containers via wearables such as the Galaxy Gear. And of course, security is still a constant: Once out of range, the container locks automatically.
    A student is running security solution KNOX on his mobile device to access important personal data.
    Secured usage with round-the-clock safeguards
    KNOX is packed with features to ensure total security from the moment you turn the device on. Advanced hardware and software in the form of Trusted Boot and Secure Boot work together to block intrusions by unauthorized code and keep your device secure during start up. While in use, On-Device Encryption secures student work on-the-go and network encryption allows for safe access to school data as well as protecting video and voice calls. Finally, the defense-grade KNOX Workspace not only protects students and their work from attackers, but also protects students’ privacy, ensuring that work data and personal data are kept separate. NFC and Bluetooth capabilities also allow students to remain connected to their peripherals while working—or playing—inside the KNOX container.
  • Connected Campus

    Connected Campus

    Ensure access to anytime-learning & maximize operational control

    • Improve the student experience with anytime / anyplace connectivity.
    • Reduce costs and increase productivity by optimizing campus operations.
    • Generate revenue with on-campus advertising.

    say collaborative digital tools influence the choice of school they attend. 1

    1(Accenture, 2014)
    A security professional is managing the air conditioning of the institution at a large interactive monitor.
    Provide seamless wireless connectivity for an optimal study environment
    Learning is no longer confined to classrooms when you have the Smart WLAN Solution offering seamless connectivity and increased coverage throughout the campus. And with System Air Conditioning with DMS and S-Net 3, you can remotely and efficiently provide an optimally conditioned environment campus-wide. Control a large number of units from anywhere at any time, individually or simultaneously as a group. To maximize cost-efficiency, use energy consumption analysis to help you reduce costs across the board.
    A student is checking calendar information on his mobile device against the information displayed on a large monitor.
    Deliver information across campus in real-time while generating revenue
    Your institution is a complex operation where the constant supply of information keeps people in-the-know and activities on schedule. Video Walls with MagicInfo solution can provide all the information your staff and students need in real-time, even communicating with nearby mobile devices to circulate important messages and notifications. Admins can make use of the authoring tools to create content and control everything centrally via the campus network, and each unit is embedded with CMS and management solutions to reduce costs and even grow revenue through advertising.
    A stduent is printing content using a cloud printing solution on his tablet.
    Promote strong collaboration and dynamic group work
    Your future students will enroll after careful consideration of your digital services. You can ensure high satisfaction with your institution by outfitting study areas with E-Boards with MagicIWB solution, with integrated CMS and built-in multi-touch capabilities so that collaboration and group work can happen seamlessly. Best of all, students can sync their work directly to tablets–no PC required. Afterwards, they can print from or scan documents to their devices using Cloud Print with Smart UX. They can just simply use their student IDs to securely access and pay for their printouts.

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Shanghai Edutech improves learning environment for large Chinese school district
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