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    Offer seamless interactive sales services that match the preferences of every customer.


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A customer is using an interactive kiosk to check out car model information.
Interactive Kiosks
Automotive dealerships can install interactive kiosks at the entrance of their stores. Customers can enter their personal information—gender, age, purpose of visit, and preferred models—to get a list of recommended car models.

Customers can also check out detailed product information, browse through product images and watch short videos of their preferred models.
A sales representative is using a tablet to provide a customer with customized sales service.
Customized Sales Service
Salespeople can receive the information that customers enter into the kiosk on their tablets and use it to provide customized sales service.

They can also present product-related content in various forms—text, images and videos—on a large video wall controlled by an interactive panel to make their sales pitches more engaging and dynamic.


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